Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hannah Giles Bikini Update: VIDEO?

Yes, that's right! In our desperate effort to prevent other "shameless, lubricious and exploitative" bloggers from stealing the coveted Hannah Giles bikini Google-bomb -- don't push me, McEnroe, or I'll detonate it -- we are proud to report that Aleister at American Glob now has hot video of Hannah Giles! . . .

. . . on the the Sean Hannity show, but let's face it, any video of Hannah Giles is "hot video."


  1. I'm beginning to think that there are no bikini photos. And I'm sad. I mean next thing you'll tell me is that ALL the photos of Palin aren't real. Granted in some her head is a conspicuously bigger than her body, but there's nothing wrong with a big headed woman. Their balance leaves something to be desired when your in the boat pose, but hey.

    *I have no idea if the boat pose exists.

  2. Hannah has the libs rocked back on their heels this week, but just wait. Next week, they're going to go after her with a vengeance. The fact that she's incredibly hot is all the more reason they're going to try and destroy her. If pictures of her in a bikini exist anywhere on the Internet from anytime in her life --- they will surface. That you can count on.

  3. I think that if they publish these photos....(and I hope they do!!) her fan base will be Huge.

  4. Yeah, I'm with the person above... I think she is doing great work AND I wouldn't mind seeing the pictures. :)

    That whole prude thing is just more lefty BS narrative stuff anyway...

  5. Wow! Before I learned of her actual name I thought she appeared to be a hot-looking Latina!!

  6. Oh, Stacy, Stacy. I have some terrible news for you: