Thursday, September 17, 2009

Charles Johnson exposes yet another scary neo-Nazi: CHARLES JOHNSON!

God told an angel I'll call "Lydia" to send me an e-mail:
After reading about the dust-up, it occurred to me that Charles could be exposed as a hypocrite by using his own methods. CJ uses what I call a "Six Degrees of Extremism" (or Six Degrees of Racism/Euro Fascism, etc) political parlor game.
He condemns Robert Spencer for "associations" with "extremists"* and you for "connections" to white supremacists, yet he adds Daily Kos to his blogroll and approvingly links their posts, which contain the exact kind of material and links to people that CJ uses to excoriate his new targets.
Based on his own criteria, CJ himself is now a racist, white supremacist, anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi fascist. Here's how:
DKos approvingly featured a video from the neo-Nazi website Vanguard News Network, gave detailed instructions on building a bomb and posted conspiracy-mongering Truther diaries, a presidential assassination fantasy as well as anti-Semitic and racist material. Markos Moulitsas is a business partner in Vaster Books with Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake, which DKos blogrolls and approvingly links.
Hamsher infamously photoshopped Joe Lieberman in blackface and recently called 9/11 Trutherism "mainstream."
Don't forget Moulitsas' first guest diarist at Daily Kos, the late African-American blogger Steve Gilliard, who Kos stated "inspired me to keep writing.' Gilliard called Michael Steele a "Simple Sambo" and put the then-Maryland Senate candidate in blackface. Sure, it was at a different site, but they're still "associates," right? Using CJ's own methods, below is more proof of his "extremism" at the LGF-associated DKos, which:
Connections!!111!!!11! About the SLPC-the milblog This Ain't Hell noted the SLPC listed the American Legion under their "Hatewatch" category and smeared conservative service members and vets.
All the Best,
My goodness! Because I'm a reporter and not a conspiracy theorist, it never would have occurred to me to attempt such vile guilt-by-association tactics. But if God told Lydia to send me that e-mail . . . Well, the Lord sure does move in mysterious ways!

UPDATE 2:40 p.m. ET: Wait a minute, something just now occurred to me . . .

Mad King Charles attacked Pamela Geller (Jew). He threatened Michelle Malkin (married to a Jew). He denounced Stephen Green (Jew). How long before CJ starts taking ads from Hezbollah front groups and quoting The Secret Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?

Of course, Johnson will deny this, which would make him . . . a denier. IYKNWIMAITYD.

But then again, this sort of thing protects CJ against any "racist" accusation. He can always call as his character witness Billy McKinney: "The Jews have bought everybody! The JOOOOOZZZZ!"


  1. Being outed by 'a terrible racist and lousy bigot' like Robert Stacey McCain is a b#tch ain't it Charles?

  2. **BREAKING** House Votes to Cut All Funds to ACORN by Publius
    Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) offered the Defund-ACORN bill to the Student Loans bill. The House vote convincingly to cut ALL federal funds to ACORN.

    Vote: 375 to 75. Complete results here.


    Clearly Congress is Racist! Charles Johnson, that damn dirty alcoholic Mormon Glenn Beck and his racist friends are running circles around you.

  3. Damn Chuckles!

    That "Law of Unintended Consequences" is a biatch aint it?

  4. Charles is defintely giving off a Jack D. Ripper vibe lately. Pretty soon he'll be ranting about our precious bodily fluids.

  5. I love these kinds of posts. It reminds me of Johnson banning one of his lizards for posting a link from his very own website contradicting his argument/position du jour. The very definition of what leftists think of "smears": being quoted accurately and contextually.

  6. He's creepy and deranged in a disturbing way, this Charles Johnson person is. A hateful and deranged little fruitloop I think. He's even more noxious than that pouty little Rick Moran one.

  7. How did I get to this page anyway? oh. Dan sent me.

  8. Not a peep from Chuckles about the down fall of Acorn...telling, very telling.

  9. I've added a special blogroll category in the fervent hope that I, too, can feel some of the hateful CJ love (i.e., as not-a-Jew-by-definition).

    Expect further updates...

  10. Charles doesnt know me, but if he found out that I admired this blog and read it frequently, hed hate me.

    I love bagels with cream cheese and lox.

    Charles is an anti-semitic vegan.

  11. A commener at LGF questioned Charles' reliance on the SPLC as his source for everything. The response:

    "Leftist bias or not, if you ever find something at the Southern Poverty Law Center that is not true, please let me know.

    I've been reading it for years, and I've found them to be very accurate and honest."

    Need any more be said?

  12. Charles has 30 pieces of silver lining his pockets...

  13. CFnJ regularly bans anyone who says anything he doesn't like. even if they do it on another blog. even if they do it on their own blog! don't believe me? just ask any of the 1250 he has already banned.

  14. No Kidding. So...

    As funny as this post is, it is revealing that it actually has more linked EVIDENCE revealing a person's "racist" tendencies than I've seen on LGF. Interesting.