Tuesday, September 15, 2009

'I don't want to say Andrew Breitbart is a genius, but . . .'

". . . the last guy with a launch this successful was Neil Armstrong."
-- Jim Treacher

Oh, I'll say he's a genius, all right. The first time I met Breitbart, at CPAC a couple years ago, I stayed up to 5 a.m. listening to him talk. The most brilliant graduate of Tulane University since . . . well, can anyone name a rival? If you'd care to e-mail this to the Tulane University Alumni Association, and ask for a list of their most illustrious alumni, we'll see where Breitbart ranks.

But it ain't low.


  1. Heh. Well, my Beloved Husband is also a graduate of Tulane (and the NROTC Unit there!), and I'll put him up against Breitbart any day!

    ... But maybe that's just me ;-)

  2. Was Breitbart Navy as well? It sure looks like he's crossing Obama's T.