Saturday, September 19, 2009

All hail the mighty Brick Squad!

As mentioned Friday, my son's team won their first game of the intramural flag football season, 19-6.

That's son Bob in the red bandana. The game was a 6-6 tie at halftime, and the Brick Squad suffered from repeated errors of execution -- stupid penalties, dropped passes and missed tackles. Nevertheless, cheered on by a particularly fanatical father ("Somebody forgot to take his medication." "Hey, I heard that, ref!"), the team rallied in the second half, triumphing over their outclassed opponents, the So Icy Boys.

Old No. 27 would be proud.


  1. Your son looks a lot like you. Oh no, there are two of them!! :)

  2. And, gee, Stacy, that photo is yet more proof of Mad King Charles' assertion that you're a racist and White supremacist. Oh, the shame you must feel.

    And congratulations to the team. :)

  3. You needn't have pointed him out - he looks just like you...

  4. Don't bother with that DNA test.....

  5. Adrienne wrote: "You needn't have pointed him out - he looks just like you..."

    Much better-looking, really. If I had been that good-looking when I was 16 . . . well, I always seem to get myself in trouble with hypotheticals, so I'll leave that one to your imagination.

    But the charming arrogance? No need to wonder where he got that . . .