Saturday, September 19, 2009

Did this on a chair in Santa Barbara once

by Smitty (h/t Jillosophy)

Not this parody:

Rather, the original "That's Amore".

USS Valley Forge (CG 50), made a port call in Santa Barbara. This was about 10 years ago. She's a submarine now.

The Palace Grill is an excellent place, wallowing in ambiance. In the old naval tradition, the Damage Control Assistant and I were in service dress blues. The DCA was rather an introvert, and part of my task was to show the guy how to have a decent time on the town. The waiter came around and passed out a sheet with the lyrics to some other song, whose title is lost to fuzzy memory, and the whole place sang it.

By the time I was on my second cajun martini (straight gin with a red pepper) I decided we needed to reprise the fun of the first song. No no no, said the waiter, we don't do that more than once per evening. I insist, I replied, and offered to stand on my chair and lead the singing. Uncertain as to how drunk I was, yet persuaded by the uniform, he acquiesced. So I wound up standing on a chair in Santa Barabara in SDBs belting out "That's Amore".

Getting down off the chair and seating myself, I told the DCA: "And that's how you do it". Go, Navy.


  1. don't forget to add: "Beat Army"

  2. My station during General Quarters on the USS Bainbridge DLGN-25 was Damage Control Central which was on the Mess Deck.

    My most exciting experience aboard ship was a reactor scram with a hot restart. (the other reactor was down for maintenance) I was involved in calculating the restart parameters (I was an RO) and checking the forward DG to make sure it had automatically started properly.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  3. For that story, I say: Go Smitty!