Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why It's Not a 'Blog War'

Some have mischaracterized the Little Green Meltdown as a "blog war," which is rather like calling the St. Valentine's Day Massacre a "gunfight."

Those who have tuned in late or who have tried to avert their eyes from the disastrously self-destructive Madness of King Charles must be reminded that, from start to finish, this has been about Charles Johnson repeatedly attacking people who were minding their own business.

As if obsessively policing 400-comment threads for any hint of disagreement weren't enough to satisfy the paranoia of Pol Pot, how does Johnson find the psychic energy to moonlight as Internet Commissar of Affiliation-Investigation?

Let's let Johsuapundit explain what's really happened:

I delinked Little Green Footballs from Joshuapundit about a week and a half ago. . . . It's entirely due to the behavior of the self-styled Lizard King, Charles Johnson. And I should have done it a long time ago.
This started a couple of years ago, when Charles got his panties in a knot and started banning 'fascists' - you know, people like my friends Pam Geller at Atlas and Dymphna and the Baron over at Gates of Vienna who haven't got a fascist bone in their bodies but do take the menace of Islamist jihad seriously. Robert Spencer, the brilliant author and proprietor of JihadWatch was next and it continued from there. . . .
I probably should have dumped Charles back then, but Charles had been helpful to me back when I was starting out. . . . I naively thought that this was simply a personal snit between a few essentially decent people and that it would eventually resolve itself. After all, we were all on the same side, weren't we? . . .
As time went on, what used to be an important place on the net deteriorated into a fetid swamp with pretty much three creatures inhabiting it - the Lizard King's increasingly vicious attacks on his ever increasing list of personal 'enemies', Christians and 'creationists', links posted by the chosen Lizardoids on the site and Charles' occasional music videos.

Meanwhile, the body count continued - Andrew Bostom, Ann Coulter, David Littman, FOX News, Debbie Schlussel, Diane West, Melanie Phillips, Michele Malkin, Richard Miniter, Rush Limbaugh, Vodkapundit, Israel Matsav, Glenn Beck, Sigmund, Alfred and Carl, Geert Wilders, the Brussells Journal, Snapped Shot, Dr. Rusty at The Jawa report, Tundra Tabloids, Yid With Lid . . . hell, probably two thirds of the people I link to, any of whom could write and think circles around CJ and eat his intellectual lunch in a New York minute. . . .
By all means, read the whole thing and try to think about what Joshua is saying here. It's not about what Diane West wrote or what Rush Limbaugh said or who sponsored a conference that Pamela Geller attended. It's about two things: Charles Johnson and his wounded soul.

That's what I explained in a phone conversation I had this afternoon with a friend. Johnson has some sort of void in his personality that compels him into this domineering attitude toward other people, trying to build himself up by tearing down others, exercising power by threatening their prestige and success which is -- inside his envy-twisted mind -- somehow a negative reflection on his own worthlessness.

A control freak gone berserk, a radioactive psyche in Chernobyl meltdown mode. He's gone bonkers. Wacko. Zany. Froot Loops. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Get out your thesaurus and look up "insane" -- pick a word, any word -- whatever your favorite synonym for "crazy," that'll do just fine. He's nucking futz.

So when my friend said, "Yeah, but I don't know about those European political groups . . ." I felt completely exasperated. Who is the greater dangers, right here, right now? Is it some Belgian right-winger, or is it Charles Foster Johnson?

Like I said, when Vlaams Belang starts blowing up crowded buses and crashing jetliners into skyscrapers, then I'll worry about The Flemish Menace. In the meantime, as William Teach of Pirate's Cove said, Charles Johnson is making even Andrew Sullivan and Markos Moulitsas look sane.

Pamela Geller may be a bit argumentative at times, but she's not the one waging this online jihad against everybody who disagrees with her. She had no problem at all with Charles Johnson until he started calling her a Nazi sympathizer (!) and trying to exile her to the extremist fringe.

He hasn't merely taken a left turn, he's gone around the bend. Lost his grip. Slipped a cog. He's demented, deranged, a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

This problem has nothing to do with Pamela. It never was about her -- it's about him. Now, less than two years after the onset of Chronic Degenerative Lizardmania, people are becoming genuinely concerned for Johnson's well-being.

Myself, I'd be happy if he'd just put up a post called "Autumn Open Thread," surrender the troll-hammer to one of his evil minions and take about a six-week rest somewhere calm and peaceful with no WiFi access.

And enjoy a nice hot cup of STFU, will ya? Stop trying to defend yourself, Charles, or trying to present your monomaniacal fixation as if it were the result of your sudden discovery that everyone who voted for Bush in 2004 has been goose-stepping toward Munich ever since.

Nobody's buying it any more, Charles. There can be no ideological or political explanation for your behavior. People are calling you "Captain Queeg," and laughing about it, but it's really not funny. You need help or one of these days you'll be shuffling around down by the rail yards muttering to yourself "banned! banned! banned!"

And denial is not a river in Egypt.


  1. A control freak gone berserk, a radioactive psyche in Chernobyl meltdown mode. He's gone bonkers. Wacko. Zany. Froot Loops. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

    My favorite is "nuttier than a Chinese chicken salad."

    CJ should sign off his blog with Porky Pig coming through the screen saying "Th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all, Folks!"

  2. Has the Lizard King come back to life?

    I thought we lost him in Panama.

  3. Charles Johnson is a master of geometric logic.

  4. "Who is the greater dangers, right here, right now?"

    BINGO !!

    We have a man in the White House, right now, who attended a Nation of Islam rally and then praised Farrakhan in newspaper articles and yet Charlie feels the need to look all the way to Europe to find "racists." Charlie doesn't give a damn about real racism.

  5. Once again you go after an ant with the biggest wrecking ball in the world. how can you sleep at night knowing what psychological harm you have done to poor Charles? If he had a brain and used it, he'd be scarred for life!
    Seriously, I think the upswing in his traffic is all the spectators going over to watch the melt down. I hear there is a poll on when mandy mannerless gets the banning stick.

  6. No. Not Captain Queeg. That's too human for the Blogosphere.

    But if you recall, there was a Cartoon. "Dickey Moe". Tom and Jerry were Shanghai'ed to sail off in search of the Great White Whale "Dickey Moe".

    That's more the level of comedy that Charles is descending to. Classic, but totally over the top.

    Bummer. He was a great man, once, and like RSM, I'm praying for him to learn the error of his ways, because I, too am enjoined not to hate anyone, even fools, idiots, or Marxists.

    But I will grin and point his direction when a good example of a bad example is needed. That's just the truth!


  7. I haven't read Little Green Footballs in years. But I did notice that Charles allowed a small group of exotic religious grandmas to really hand out slaps to those with whom they didn't 100% agree. He even added plus/minus signs! And, then I knew Charles was an idiot. With a selected group of idiots. Singing the same tune.

    Ah, then, I noticed something else. I noticed Charles would take away someone's "permit to post." And, he'd brag how he made this person cry to him in their emails begging to return. Say, what? This isn't a job!

    So, I got this picturem where Charles liked that very much. Both the begging. And, the few who'd be let back inside.

    You also can't count "400 posts" as being anything more than about 40-insiders talking to one another. BORING.

    Why did I go there in the first place? It was Dan Rather time. With the famous posted memo. Yes. Charles was clever. He put the memo on view, and a transparency on top, obviously typed on a computer. It flashed. And, bingo, a visual was born. C-BS, no more.

    But what that site became? FEH.

  8. Whoa. I thought I was bad. I actually feel bad for (others) like that, but I try to stay small and keep quiet, sort of. Well, it is a reminder what not to do.

    I never did link to him, only read him a few times way back (and could not, for the life of me, figure out why what I thought were conservatives linked to him). Then again, I read things 'differently'.

    Now I know what the fuss is. I've been seeing it everywhere, but like you suggested, was 'averting eyes' ignoring it. Hmm, I'll send a prayer for him, really. It gets tight in the fever swamp.

  9. Mr. McCain You left out some of the descriptions of Mad King Charles

    * A few bricks short of a load
    * Five cans short of a six-pack
    * Not firing on all cylinders
    * An olive short of a pizza
    * Four quarters short of a dollar
    * Couple of Fries Short of a Happy Meal
    * Headlights On Dim
    * Has a screw loose
    * Leaking Brain Fluid
    * Is Bugged Out
    * Should be in the Bughouse
    * Mad as a monkey on a trike
    * Belongs in the booby hatch
    * His little football is turning brown

  10. The more King Charles runs around in circles spouting non sense, the more insane he appears.

  11. Stacy....You won't believe the overnight covert mission that Chuckles sent Killgore Trout to complete over at Hot Air.

    I was speechless.

    Check last night's Open Thread over at Ace's place(Comment #558 for the PDF's).

  12. Charles Who?
    Seriously, I deleted the LGF bookmark from my browser years ago when it first jumped the shark over evolution.

  13. Huh, I'm grateful now to Charles. Researching WTF happened to get Afrocity banned (she dared have friends at both LGF and LGF2 - I mean, how could she? /) led me to really, really read this blog, Joshuapundit, AoS, LGF2, Atlas Shrugged, and a dozen or more others. It was like finding a whole new section of the library to check out.

    When his traffic bump from the meltdown disappears, I hope he is happy hanging with the ill-natured troll-game-playing sycophants who stay with him. I guess a tiny cult you can control absolutely is better than a large and chaotic community that makes you think.

    I used to love reading the fun and often though-provoking posts from littleoldlady, gallopinggranny, mandy, wrathofg-d, and so many others - the community breaking apart like this is nearly tragic. But there's a bright and shining side,too: historically, diasporas of intellectually-rich people has resulted in their cultural seeds being planted in the areas where they land. The bad posters from LGF will vanish. The really good ones will never shut up (TG!), and the blogosphere will be richer for them in the end.

  14. my theory, and I've expounded on this many times, is that Johnson fancies himself a Renaissance man, very enlightened and intellectual and just a bit "better than" your average blogger, especially ignorant ass Jesus jumpers and the like. So for what did he anbd his blog become primarily known? Being a Muslim bashing site. If any leftist or mainstream outlet referenced him, he was called at minimum "anti-Jihad/anti-Muslim" and usually a Muslim basher. I think it really irked him. So, he decided to go radical "anti-racist". In the course of doing so, right-blogs started calling him on his obsession with accusing others of racism to burnish his own supposed anti-racism. This started a really vindictive jihad of his own against anyone who crossed him.

    We've been in the internet forum business a long time, and Johnson and his field of sycophantic commenters bear all the hallmarks of an army of sockpuppets Johnson maintains (at his own site, where only he can see the IPs, which we used to use to identify people using "alters" to argue in their own defense and attack their attackers).

    First, he's stupidly forgotten to log off a sockpuppet and has posted as the site owner on several occasions. Secondly, no one gives as much a shit as the person involved in a flamewar. No one, certainly no group of people, are going to vociferously defend Johnson or tend his flamewars except the principle being written about: Johnson. We know forum and comment thread psychology: no one cares about your flame war with someone as much as you do. And Johnson's commenters care WAAAAAAAAAY too much. The other thing is, even a group of sycophants will misjudge the boss's intent when defending or echoing him, and deviate, even unintentionally from the party line. CJ's front-line defenders and sycophants never hit a wrong note. They are always perfectly in tune with Charles' philosophy in all things. This again smacks of sockpuppets. He can't even wield them intelligently, his attacks and defense are blunt instruments. His flattery of himself is risibly heavy handed: his sockpuppets will regularly make such comments as "I never thought of it that way" or will routinely ask Johnson for more information. A really hilarious one was where his sockpuppets were asking how he pulled off a particularly impressive bit of coding: obviously, Johnson was super-proud of a little bit of code-fu, and your normal commenter will never notice, so you ask yourself (as another character) how you were so genius as to pull it off! And you graciously give complete details, now that your sockpuppet has asked.

    Another tell is that many of his most ardent defender members are female. Again, as long time forum admins, we can tell you this is classic "sockpuppet farmer" behaviour: a large group of adoring females agrees with everything you say and defends your every move and assails your enemies.

  15. Bank on it: Johnson has constructed a group of sockpuppets to defend himself and attack his attackers: I'm betting he is the one using these long-term constructed personas to do things like go on HotAir and post racist comments; for a long long time he's maintained he never comments anywhere: sorry, we don't buy it. He's way too obsessed. He simply uses one of his carefully constructed alters, who by now have long term posting histories at LGF comments, and a certain verisimilitude that comes from a long-term history of commenting. He disguises his IP with proxies or scripts (for such a l337 coder, should be np, right right?) and googles his name constantly and battles the forces of evil (read: anyone who gainsays CJ). It's Glenn Greenwald all over again: Even with all his leftard sycophants, Greenwald had to defend and flatter himself and attack his enemies personally (as a fake screenname) because again, no one else gives a shit but the principle involved. And anyone as obsessed with their own online persona as Johnson or Greenwald can't leave it in the hands of amateurs: they must defend themselves the correct way, but they can't be seen as doing it themselves: voila, sockpuppet army.

    I think Johnson's sockpuppets may have become real people to him. He may hold conversations with them as he sits before his moniter, pulling the many strings of his web, a mad Ahab attacking the white whale that torments him.

    I look for LGF to implode in the next 6 months: one way or another, it will cease to be. Mental breakdown, self-inflicted harm, I don't know what the mechanism will be, but LGF is a doomed ghost ship, sailing over the edge of the waterfall.

  16. Charles Johnson is evidently suffering from latent MPD (multiple personality disorder). This has been quite obvious for some time. As for Charles Johnson using different screen names to attack others, defend himself, and pen his own hagiography - I am a blogger (although a very private one). I get a very respectable number of hits daily. I began "reviewing" my commentary boards when I began to suspect that "Charles Johnson" of LGF was using several names to comment on the same string. To boot, I discovered two of his personae arguing on one of my boards. Too much! I began routinely reviewing my commentary boards and removing anything from Charles Johnson. It helped that my younger brother is an IT specialist/consultant who does LOTS of work for clients in the law and justice sectors. Charles Johnson is not NEARLY as knowledgeable about the internet as he presumes.

  17. I wonder when Amazon will drop his contract.

    I go on every once and a while when I need a good laugh at someone else’s utter collapse.

    He was lucky to have matched a font with a document. BFD. I have never read an original paragraph that espoused an ideal or thought. His writings are basically about two sentences regarding an article he wants the groupthink to begin following.

    It will be tragically hilarious when he offends his remaining residual remoras and they swim away to less brackish waters.