Friday, September 25, 2009

When you need Bill Ayers to ghost-write your first book for you . . .

. . . excuse us for not joining the adoring throng of elite journalists like David Brooks, who suppose that your well-creased pants suffice to qualify you as an eminent political philosopher.

Just sayin' . . .

Major credit to Jack Cashill of American Thinker, who did the vetting that the MSM doesn't do any more. And I just want to remind everyone that I am the founder of Authors Against Obama, organized in May 2008 as a protest by working writers against the sweetheart deal Obama got for his first book.

Even without the ghosting by Ayers, Obama's book deal was bizarre. He initially signed a contract to do a study about American race relations, evidently didn't have the journalistic or research skills to complete that project, and instead decided to turn in a memoir.

A memoir! Just a few years out of law school, and he gets to write a memoir? Memoirs are supposed to be written by people who've actually accomplished something remarkable in life, and graduating law school is a fairly ordinary feat, achieved by thousands of 25-year-olds every year.

Commissioning memoirs by 20-somethings ought to be against the law, with few exceptions. It's an invitation to self-indulgence to permit a person that young to write about himself. You want a book deal before you turn age 30? OK, then either lead the league in RBIs or win the Medal of Honor.

Now we have testimony -- from the First Lady herself, no less -- that President Messiah's memoir was a ghost job? Graduated from Harvard Law, but can't even write his own book?

Ah, but such creases on his pants!


  1. And an "autobiography" ghost written by "just some guy in the neighborhood." Do you realize, given the fact Obama denied knowing him three times (at least), what leverage this gives Bill Ayers over the current President of the United States? Then again, the mind only boggles at the inside deals and connections between Bill Ayers, Beradine Dohrn, Michelle Obama, Rezko, Frank Marshall Davis, the Chicago political machine and Barack Obama.

    The connections between these folks are amazing. While you are denounced by CJ as a racist and white supremacist for having the termerity not to denounce your relatives who fought honorably for the South more than 150 years ago, Barack and Michelle are good friend with Beradine Dohrn, who was happy the Manson family killed pregnant Sharon Tate and said she hoped they stuck a fork in her (I guess they fought "honorably" for the Weather Underground). She worked at Sidley Austin a prestigious Chicago law firm (the same firm that employed Michelle and Barack Obama) and as a professor of law at Northwestern without ever being a member of the bar (she could not pass the bar review due to her Weatherman past and refusal to apolgize for it).

    Apparently she got her foot in the door because Bill Ayers' dad, Thomas Ayers, was running the Chicago political machine and was siting on the boards of all the blue chip corporations based in Chicago. That is also how Bill Ayers probably got tenure.

    Protein Wisdom was on this yesterday too.

    As bad as the "Other Other McCain" is on many issues, Glenn Beck is an idiot for saying he was worse than Barack Obama. For all his flaws, at least John McCain is a patriot at heart. And yes I would take a neo Teddy Roosevelt over a neo Woodrow Wilson with heavy radical connections anyday. Obama's whole back ground is being associated with people who actively hated this country (and have a very very different vision for this country than the rest of us). God, my head hurts just thinking about it.

  2. I don't want to be accused of wearing the 'Tin Foil Hat' but when I see things like this surrounding Barack's past, I makes me wonder.

    Almost as if he was being groomed for the job since he was a kid.

  3. When is the main stream going to wake up to this guy!!! HE, THE ONE, is a huge mirage! Please someone with a spine start working in the mainstream!

  4. Perfectly consistent with everything else about this fraud....who is now our president.

  5. So Stacy... he went to Harvard, you say?

    As long as memoirs and personal history are all the rage, 'twould be nice to take a jog down Transcript Lane, yes? Side trip too, along Application Ave. would shed even more light upon this Most Important Personal History.

    That... or blow cover.

  6. The B-Cast has a great interview with Jack Cashill.

  7. Jeff Goldstein is all over this story this morning. Very interesting! The plot thickens.

    I suspect Team Obama will circle the wagons. Fast.

    But I raise my biggest concern. Obama rejected any significant connections to Bill Ayers, saying he was just a guy from the neighborhood. If true, and if true I assume if true the connections with Ayers go way deeper than Obama lying during the campaign and than merely ghost writing this "autobiography", does Ayers have his hooks into Obama? Was that comment that Ayers made about Afghanistan early in Obama's presidency a threat?

  8. Aww... lookit those fancy pants! Let me go ponder them after I take down that picture of Michelle's biceps. Ick. Seriously, though. It's been very clear since this man hit the national stage that his popularity has nothing to do with what he does but what he says. And he can say anything he wants and it is believed by the fawning hordes who drool with anticipation any time he opens his golden lips.

    It really is disgusting. I keep waiting for the fainting to start again... gotta get folks' mind back onto the importance of passing healthcare for his "legacy."

  9. Can't we just say that President Obama is really Harold Saxon?

    Watch "the Sound of Drums," and tell me I'm wrong. I even did a post about this.....

  10. Just a guy from the neighborhood:

    A second source with personal knowledge of visitors to the Chicago area home of Tom Ayers in the 1980s has stated that Obama was friends with the entire Ayers family including Bill and Tom.

    And Ayers himself wrote that the Obamas were “family friends” - in an epilogue to his own memoirs that only appeared in a new post-election edition late last year that was then conveniently ignored by the mainstream media such as the New York Times. The Times interviewed me 5 separate times using 3 different reporters and despite the clear evidence of the deep relationship between Obama and Ayers accepted at face value statements by the Obama campaign that the two only met in either early or late 1995 (the Times changed its story on this) and did not really have much contact at all. I dissected this dissembling act on Global Labor here.

  11. Minor do not "win" the Medal of Honor, you "receive" it. It isn't a contest, and if it is awarded, good men probably didn't come home that day. Just sayin'...

  12. Obama/Ayers just wrote their third book. It's at the end of my oh so amusing Cardboard Cut-Out Obama video.