Monday, September 21, 2009

'We are the Road Crew'

by Smitty

I wondered what the big Tea Party Express announcement was going to be.

It looks like they're out to pick up the rest of the country they missed the first time 'round, starting in San Diego, going up the left coast, then a nice bend in the road to the South, ending up in Florida. Dates are from the end of October to mid-November.

Spot on, say I. They announced it with the obvious Willie Nelson reference, "On the Road Again". I think I can do a better job of irritating Stacy by embedding somebody older than even him:

Lemmy is simply motivational. If he can earn a living in rock and roll, then we can survive anything, even this administration.

Go, Tea Party Express!


  1. Saw Motorhead two weeks ago, as a matter of fact, and screamed myself hoarse singing along to "Killed By Death." Mr Kilmister's still got it, baby. Gives an old rock and roller like me hope, he does.

  2. I thought that was the group you to which you were eluding. But it looks like a good match, buccaneer rock and roll and hope and change we really can believe in. Ha! I'm going to have to find that song and play it again. It's been a while, though I keep some of the others right and ready. There is nothing quite like shock and awe.