Sunday, September 20, 2009

Race card played in Virginia?

John J. Miller at NRO:
Democrat Creigh Deeds, in yesterday's Virginia gubernatorial debate: "There's a hint of racism in some of the opposition to President Obama. That is crystal clear."
Republican Bob McDonnell disagreed: "I don't see it and I don't feel it. . . . I think these are ideas that are fought over public policy."
Miller also notes this intriguing news:
Black Entertainment Television network co-founder Sheila C. Johnson, who endorsed McDonnell in July, also rejected the idea that the anger seen in town hall rallies and conservative "tea parties" is race-based.
"I don't buy it at all. We've really got to stop doing this, stop bringing this up," said Johnson, who had been a major donor to Obama, Gov. and Democratic National Committee chairman Timothy M. Kaine and other Democrats through 2008.
Smitty and I were having a Twitter conversation about this year's Virginia campaign with another conservative activist, who like Smitty lives in Northern Virginia. If McDonnell wins, it will be despite the fumbling incompetence of his campaign team, who seem determined to repeat the disastrous performance turned in by Dick Wadhams in the spectacularly mismanaged George Allen catastrophe.

"Strategists," my left butt-cheek. These stupid Republican sons of bitches never call me . . .


  1. You never know when politics starts getting radical. I remember when 60s radical Tom Hayden was running for office in California. His opponent's strategist one day up and quit and made a big stink in the papers about how his boss was using "dirty tactics". Of course, Hayden's opponent knew nothing about this and the guy was obviously a mole. Naturally, Tom won.

    Still, I guess it's best not to attribute to evil what can easily be explained by

  2. speaking of the racist charges, here is a shameless link pimp

  3. What would you have McDonnell's campaign do differently? The WaPo hit job is obviously working.

  4. @Salty dog,
    I'd have McDonnell go full-on Rick Perry and talk about an Article V insurrection of States to implement the
    But that's just crazy talk, I know.

  5. You know why they do not call. The Mainstream Press already have the stories made out for any Republican who dares to hire a conservative blogger. And they look somewhat like:

    "Today Republican ____ hired notorious right-wing (fill in adjectives here, try to use the words Racist, Hatemongering, Radical and Neo) blogger _____ to rescue his/her sagging campaign in a frantic act of desperation..."