Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grassley blocks Solomont nomination over firing of Americorps IG Walpin

You get busy, you miss something:
Republican Sen. Charles Grassley has blocked the ambassadorial nomination of Alan Solomont, currently chairman of the board of the government agency that oversees AmeriCorps, in retaliation for what Grassley says is the administration’s stonewalling of Congress over documents relating to the firing of AmeriCorps inspector general Gerald Walpin. Specifically, Grassley has sought, and been denied, information relating to the White House’s role in the decision to fire Walpin.
Thanks to Moe Lane at Red State. Also reported by David Weigel at The Washington Independent.

For background, please see my article "The War On Watchdogs" in the American Spectator.


  1. [clear throat....clear throat] Ah...if you had been you would have...umm...known about this [clear throat] on Tuesday.

    20090921@1839 - Walpin scandal update: Grassley blocks nomination, accuses administration of stonewalling

  2. Sorry for off topic, but wanted to get this to you and hope that you post and send it around.

    Papa Ray
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  3. The documents Congress seeks are secreted in a vault in Hawaii, and no, no peeking!