Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mel Brooks, political commentator?

Not Many People Know It, But The Fuhrer Was A Terrific Dancer

Ed Driscoll borrows that line from The Producers.

The surprising thing? He wasn't blogging about Tom Delay's appearance on "Dancing with the Stars" . . .


  1. Driscoll said: And now I’m going to make a painful confession. As loathsome as [Qadhafi] is, I couldn’t help feeling a tiny — tiny — bit of sympathy at watching someone who quite clearly lacks the mental capacity to realize he’s making a spectacle of himself. Ever seen a homeless guy ranting at no one in particular, and quite convinced that he’s winning the “argument”? Dude. Exit question: First Joe Wilson, now Qaddafi. How many “important” Obama speeches are going to be overshadowed by a bizarre outburst?

    A little over the top by Driscoll to compare Joe Wilson's comment to Qaddafi's rant. But let me get to the bigger point.

    It is amazing that Qaddafi stays in power. But we need to be careful what we wish for. We do not need another Algeria or Somalia in Libya (with the danger of destablizing Egypt further). Unlike Saddam, Qaddafi is no longer a serious threat to his neighbors, has given up nuclear ambitions, and has essentially cut a deal that he can act all bat shit crazy provided he stays within bounds. I think the British and Scots screwed up badly with releasing the Lockerbee killer, but overall I understand why we are putting up with Qaddafi now (however distasteful it may be).

  2. It is a tragedy that this great healer could not have saved R.S. McCain from his deep seated white supremacism and Charles Johnson from his deep seated self supremacism. What a lost opportunity.