Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fantastic Multimedia Jamboree Resurrects Art

by Smitty

This week's FMJRA salutes the mighty Iowahawk. It's not often we admit that anyone's flair for insanity exceeds our own, but "A man's got to know his limitations."

This blog's entry into the fray, entitled "Subliminal Presidential Logic" puts us on the contest map. It spelunks within the underbelly of the substantial sub-terranian sub-text of the latest US rhetorical embarrassment, delivered at the UN by BHO, and appears at the end of this post, in an effort to minimize browser damage.

Green Tea Wolverines
  • Bonzai linked the GTP post, and will hopefully attend. I'm dragging my parents. Woo hoo!
  • Fishersville Mike echoed the announcement. Hopefully he makes it.
Feeding Frenzies
This blog never goes Rule 4 without didactic purpose. One of Stacy McCain's unconscious skills is that of teaching. Even when a 49% flagrant goof-off, he's still 51% making a valuable point.
Feeback on Can't all conservatives at least agree that Glenn Beck is not the enemy?
  • Bits Blog quotes and analyzes Stacy's work.
  • NoisyRoom picks it up.
  • Carol's Closet: "This little dust up between Beck and Levin is simply par for the course. Neither of the two men are known for their meekness so it stands to reason that any disagreement would be articulated strongly."
  • Lead and Gold: "I don't like Beck. I actually blogged about how much i disliked him over four years ago. But i DVR his program everyday now. Not because i am a 100% fan but because he has been "breaking" news or at least pushing important matters out to a wider audience." I'm personally non-plussed by his style, but thankful for his substance.
  • Below the Beltway gathers a chorus of 'no' answers.
  • The Lonely Conservative "The Other McCain covered it so well I can’t really add to it. With the exception of so called conservatives who endorsed Barack Obama, and primaries, I try to shy away from dissing our side."
  • Poliblogger quotes Rick Moran, whose myopia is on clear display in that statement.
  • Instpundit quoted Stacy.
  • Texas for Sarah Palin linked and analyzed the situation.
  • Ruby Slippers: "That Beck said something controversial should shock no one. Disagree with him on that point if you must. Beck, however, is not the one with his foot on the pedal with the car teetering on the verge of the Big Government abyss."
  • The Classic Liberal rounds things up nicely.
  • One Fine Jay discusses polemics and apologists.
  • Dana Loesch at "Thankfully, fellow conservative bloggers like RS McCain, Little Miss Attila and others recognized early on and by way of SEO made sure that their mentions of search terms involving Giles and bikinis brought searchers to their blogs, effectively lampooning those of ill will."
  • Belvedere is very insightful on this topic.
  • Fishersville Mike figures Beck is in hot standby.
The Proposition That "X is not a racist person" is not Falsifiable
At least, not on this mortal plane.
  • Kn@ppster, nevertheless, flogs a dead horse.
  • Ordinary Gentlemen hedges on the subject.
  • Moralia denounces pretty much everyone in a raaaaacism roundup.
  • The Daily Gator hat tipped us for "Obama Loves the Little Children"
  • Rightofcourse also linked the raaaaacism post on the Obama school hymn.
  • Saberpoint continues its staunch, truthful, and correct support of this blog.
Charles Johnson and the Powdered Pferd Herd
Speaking of flogging a dead horse...
Emotional Rescue
  • HotMES re-ice-capped the glacial state of Lefty female hotness, linking us when things got emotional.
  • Little Miss Attila suggests Stacy should go bison hunting.

Can't Think of ACORNy Joke
  • Honesty in Motion hat tipped us while embedding a Rush Limbaugh clip on the topic.
  • Snapped Shot mentions the IRS punting of ACORN, and the scourge of raaaaacism along with it.
  • Snapped Shot quotes us as saying "Pfffffffft!"
Keep Us On The Road
'AT&T' Rhymes With 'Suppository'
I like my new, un-cheap paperweight, but I would have preferred (a) service (b) a cel phone. It was pointed out to me at the AT&T store that I had in fact bought the hardware from a re-seller, not a corporate AT&T outfit. My diaper is still full, but one must be fair.
  • Dustbury offered some commiseration. "Vendors, if pressed on the matter, will argue that it’s those crappy policies that keep them in business." Pressed, crushed: what's in a verb?
  • Dyspepsia Generation "Two tin cans and a string give better service than AT&T, and cost far less."
Piling on Beautifully
Million Med March
Senseless Violence
Other FMJRA Outings
Miscellaneous Shouts
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Adrienne's Catholic Corner not only blames RSM for the complete destruction of her schedule (his book Donkey Cons seems the chief instrument), but insists that FMJRA note an unnoticed, yet shamefully obedient devotee of Rule #1.
That would be Mark in Spokane, who picked us up on last Wednesday and Friday. Mark noted Stacy's ongoing Rule 4 altercation with LGF, and a short roundup of blogs on the right. We need to get more Technorati participation, or direct emailing of links to me for inclusion.

Update II:
Graciously quoted by one of the senior members of the blogosphere, Daily Pundit.

"Subliminal Presidential Logic"

This piece takes a quotation from the latest Presidential train wreck and applies Eccl 7:13 Consider the work of God: for who can make that straight, which he hath made crooked? as best as possible to the underlying logic. A surprising message pours forth for the attentive.
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  1. "Ordinary Gentlemen hedges on the subject."

    Of course.

    Thanks for the link -- I'd love to be at GTP, but unfortunately I can't make it. Power to the truth!

  2. Instapundit chooses an interesting quote given that he has held himself "above the fray" so to speak.....Could it be a subtle suggestion that someone else is also not the enemy and one catches more frogs with honey than...well....something like that........