Sunday, September 20, 2009

The latest from Lydia

You remember Lydia, who contributed the LGF neo-Nazi expose this past week. She sent me an e-mail with mention of Johnson's attack on PJM -- where, according to William Teach, the kindness subsequently has been returned -- and ends her e-mail by asking:
Is it paranoid/crazy to think that he has been (literally) bought by one of the Sugar Daddies on the left? Or is he just establishing his ideological bona fides after switching sides? I know that you have a tough skin, but it couldn't have felt good to have Charles attack you like that. At least now, it's obvious that he is not rational.
Correct, it did not feel good to be attacked, ma'am, but pray that God always sends me only cowardly fools for enemies, as I thank God for sending such brave and wise friends like you, Lydia.

Many have speculated on the motives for the sudden Madness of King Charles, but as I noted earlier today, it wasn't really sudden. I had always been under the impression that CJ was independently wealthy, which would make the "Sugar Daddies on the Left" speculation moot. But . . . Sugar Bears? NTTAWWT.

And as for the obviousness of CJ's irrationality . . . well, he attacked me without cause, didn't he?

Chlanna nan con thigibh a so’s gheibh sibh feoil!

UPDATE 12:20 p.m. ET: Via 2.0 Blogmocracy, HadEnough at Comment #20, "Ruh-roh":
370 Killgore Trout
Sun, Sep 20, 2009 8:02:56am
Charles noticed last night that Malkin has added VDARE to her blog roll. Things are gonna get weird.
And when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. I saw where this was heading last week and sent an e-mail warning Michelle that Mad King Charles would eventually follow through on his April threat to her. If this is indeed a new add to The Boss's blog roll -- LGF'ers love to make stuff up -- then we can only assume she's daring him to try it.

Be ready for Bloggageddon. The revolution will not be televised, but the apocalypse will be blogged.


  1. Malkin's columns have been run on VDARE since 2002...I'm sure she didn't just add the link.

    What's wrong with having VDARE on your blog roll? I have the site on's the best source for information about illegal immigration. I particularly like the National Data numbers crunching done by Edwin Rubenstein.

    As for CJ...I don't believe he just recently went nuts...I've always thought he was a jerk and can't understand why anyone calling themselves a conservative would have been a reader of a site that did nothing but promote war and smear people on the Right who they disagreed with (ie Ron Paul) me, he's always been a nastier, more psychotic version of David Frum.

  2. There was a troll at Malkin's [or mebbe at townhall] not that long ago who was INCENSED that vdare published Michelle's column. Now I wonder if that was a chaz cultist ...

  3. People are wondering why CJ is going off the deep end, going insane, is he mentally ill, getting paranoid, etc.

    I think he’s intentionally picking fights with the right in order to distance himself and return to the left as "the victim". I think in his head, if he’s the victim – “the right turned on me, whine whine” – then it makes his brief foray into conservatism more acceptable to the liberals he once again wants to embrace.

    He’s not crazy. He just doesn’t have the balls to admit that he’s a flaming lib again and part ways with good grace.

    If you look at the twitter comments with LGF mentioned, it’s mostly liberals who are “OMG! Charles Johnson of LGF is really calling those cons out on their ways! I’m shocked! Yay Charles”!

    He’s building a leftist fan base through his intentional attacks as he steers his blog Left, plain and simple.

  4. Well, we have a pleasant surprise for you this morning....doesn't everyone need a laugh at Mad King Charles' craziness?
    Hop on over and check it out..

  5. Blogroll? What Blogroll?

    Only thing I see over at Michelle's Blog is a "Buzz Worthy" Section.

  6. Might as well mock the limp lizzard shamelessly.

  7. Here's something I noticed per this post, and wrote up on my site:

    After reading this post at Little Green Footballs 2.0 (Via RS McCain,) ye olde cool folks, I wondered whether Michelle Malkin would be delinked by Mad King Chucky. Now, I can’t ultimately say this occured recently, since the Wayback Machine only goes back to February 8th, 2008, but, if you check Chucky’s blogroll today (not linking it,) yup, Michelle is missing. Hot Air is gone, as well. So is Dan Riehl. Gateway Pundit survives, for the moment, as does snapped shot. But, another shocker is the delinking of Rusty Shackleford, of The Jawa Report fame. At one point, they were pretty close, and Rusty considered Charles a blogfather. John Hawkins of Right Wing News? Gone. Iowahawk, Glenn Reynolds, Roger L. Simon, Stop The ACLU, VodkaPundit, and Weasel Zippers got the axe at some point. The common thread? All have gotten in to it at least a little with Charles. And, I suspect anyone who has anything to do with Pajamas Media got wacked, though, I am not going to crosscheck every link.

    Now, there are othere delinks and additions. That happens on blogrolls. I delink some that are no longer active. I also have some that I disagree with on my blogroll (though, I tend to look at my feedreaders more than blogrolls.) And, again, I can only say this happened between February 8th, 2008, and now. If anyone knows a way to look at more recent data, I’d love to know.

  8. This comment by Charles the Now-Batty speaks of a long-planned meltdown, a 'flouncing' if you will...

    In case it wasn't obvious yet -- the right wing has lost me completely, if they ever had me, which they didn't. There's a serious bad craziness on the right. I want no part of it.

    No, Chaz, you've aged and your brain is melting (all that weed that consorts with jazz guitarists, no doubt, is catching up with you) and now all you can do is holler 'Get off my Little Green Lawn, all of you who haven't grown into perfect little miniature versions of me!'.

    I still think you need to get your melon examined. Charles Whitman II, we don't need.