Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vom Blogenkriege

by Smitty

As with Carl von Clausewitz, I'm mostly an observer in the recent round of blog-clock-cleaning. For those interested in a metablogological perspective, here are a couple of posts of note:
  • The Libertarian Popinjay, Live from Lost Wages, brings us "How The Blogosphere Became Professional Wrestling"
    This meditation covers both Andrew Sullivan and Charles Johnson, and offers a broad perspective covering this decade on the rise and fall of two of the bigger names in the blogosphere. Key point (but read the full monty):
    Let's be clear: Sullivan and Johnson can have whatever beliefs they choose. They're free to go from right to left and everywhere in between to their heart's desire. What is so strange is that the very actions they used to condemn are now their modus operandi.
  • Bill Quick, the Daily Pundit, who christened the blogosphere and has about seven times the posts that this blog has produced, cuts to the chase in "charles johnson: take the money and run":
    Charles will continue to move farther and farther to the left, goaded by his distaste for social conservatives, and in response to their attacks on him in answer to his loudly stated distaste, and as he does so, he will pick up legions of lefty moonbat readers. I have no doubt at all that his readership is rising - probably rapidly. The left is always looking for new champions in the endless battle against liberty, and the left rewards its fellow travelers with money, since it cannot offer self-respect.
I was going to embed War, "Why can't we be friends?" but let's go for realpolitik instead:

Jumping in Pools says that Congressman Roy Blunt is on the LGF radar as well.


  1. You really can tell how desperate for ammo someone is when they pull out the racism card.
    Seems like that's happening quite a bit these days....I just wouldn't have expected it from LGF. LGF really puts a really sour taste in my mouth these days.

  2. Well, it's official. Charles has deleted my account on his site for defending Rush Limbaugh (and probably for the post you discussed above).

  3. Might I suggest you make some blog alterations based on the post:

    Not just banned proudly banned from LGF

    at my blog. It's a badge of honor we might as well wear it.

    Shame on you defending Honoary lizzoird Rush limbaugh!

  4. It worked for Andrew Sullivan, why would it not work for Charles Johnson? Of course he is pandering to the left.

  5. Charles is somehow able to hear the racist dog whistles in Representative Blunt's retelling of a story apparenly told by an Episcopal minister in a book he wrote to help his flock understand why Bad Things Happen To Good People, like when someone's little kid dies.

    My ears aren't good enough to pick up on the racism. Maybe it's because I still remember eight years of George W. Bush being "Chimpler". Or maybe it's just because I'm not losing my fracking mind.