Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Another day, another Rule 5 Sunday. And, another Czar.
  • Fishersville Mike leads us off, having been the first I saw with a picture of the boob czar. If she has a little tit-for-tat with Rahm Emanuel, she might resolve some of the cleavage in the public discourse brought on by divisive policies that separate Americans into left and right spheres. Eventually, one suspects, she'll go bust and say her ta-tas to the administration in disgust over its inability to titivate the economy.
    Bleg: what does commenter Red mean by this?
  • The Huffer has Garfunkel and Oates managing to be simultaneously Rule 5 and hilarious. The moral is that it's not an addiction if you have a prescription.
  • Pat in Shreveport earns the mournful credit of being the first in with a Patrick Swayze tribute. My favorite Swayze line was "You get all the sleep you need when you die" from Roadhouse. Something of a Navy motto.
  • Troglopundit hammered me over last week's usage of "metrosexual" and who did he deploy for the dirty work? Danic Patrick, that NASCAR Helen who can stop traffic moving at any speed. He celebrated 100 kilo-hits with a Bavarian m├Ądchen doing a 1 liter curl. Finally, he features World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) CEO Linda McMahon, who is pondering 'getting into the ring', so to speak, with Chris Dodd for the CT race for US Senate. That lady could thrash Dodd and Lieberman together, and not because she's much of an amazon.
  • Instapundit likes to find his conservative hotties on Tea Party buses, apparently.
  • Knowledge is Power seems to have some inside jokes in parallel with their Rule 5 activities.
  • Little Miss Attila is somewhat critical of Three Beers Later's use of a very Rule 5 trampoline video to grab some Hannah Giles traffic. LMA's review is critical to the fair and balanced conduct of Rule 5 Sunday, and should be read in full prior to taking in the video.
  • Three Beers Later, very active in the Rule 5 community, has a comic book heroine, as well as a sardonic reminisce about the time he got chained to a rail at a chick concert. I'm pleased to discover I was not the only one to suffer such ignoble abuse back in the day. You are not alone, Richard! Good job on the vocals once you were released. He also put up the 1934 Tarzan skinny dipping scene, which is clearly why they had to have a ratings system for Hollywood.
  • Dustbury contributes Cherry Valence, a study in the well-curved ankle.
  • Atlas Shrugs rounds up some Abercrombie & Fitch advertising which strains the limit of our PG-13 rating.
  • Rightofcourse submits a couple UCLA cheerleaders.
  • At the Point of a Gun just converted me into a Patti Ann Browne devotee, or, as she's known in some circles, Sith Lord Darth Hottiness. Best poker face this side of Kristen Wiig. How do they serve it up like that?
  • Painstaking and meticulous Rule 5 researcher Morgan Freeberg continues the pairwise alphabetic iteration task as only he can. This week it's Famke Janssen and Gemma Atkinson. I really don't understand how Freeberg can maintain this level of scientific detachment.
  • Culture Honcho Paco contributes Rita Hayworth crooning "Amado Mio"
  • WyBlog immortalizes obscure language variations. Saturday was Talk Like a Pirate Day. Just prior to that it was Accuse the Weatherman of Bestiality Day.
  • The Classic Liberal continues to break new ground in the pursuit of Rule 5 excellence. This week we see him breath interest in the evils of income tax with an essay on Nicole Evangeline Lilly. Sterling work, old boy.
  • Jeffords offers helpful suggestions to Jessica Simpson on how to find her dog.
  • A Nation of Cowards continues to locate patriotic bikini photos, for which we're truly grateful.
  • Bob Belvedere contributes Yvonne DeCarlo. Very nice. He also mentioned Mae West, and had some Boob Czar action. There was a Pirate's Cove-ish Saturday pinup, as well.
  • HotMES contributes Kate Beckinsale.
  • VodkaPundit plays the Ann Margaret card.
That's it for the moment. Send updates to Smitty for inclusion.

Chad includes Anyssa.
William Teach gives us yet another classic pinup.

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