Saturday, September 26, 2009

Planned Parenthood: 'Hey, your daughter's a tramp, so make sure she's a safe tramp!'

Well, they don't put it quite so bluntly:
If you could give your teenage daughter a vaccination that would prevent her from contracting a sexually transmitted disease that could lead to cancer, would you do it? . . .
While many parents don't want to think about their young daughters becoming sexually active, most will eventually.
"Sexually active" = screwing around, putting out, humping, fornicating, doing everything in sight like Meghan McCain after her fourth margarita.

Do we really need mandatory, universal, taxpayer-funded vaccination for human papillomavirus to keep your daughter safe from cancer-causing HPV? Judie Brown of American Life League has her doubts:
Planned Parenthood also wants you to know that the vaccine has come under attack by -- you guessed it -- those damnable "conservatives who contend it encourages promiscuity."
But your friends at Planned Parenthood want to assure you of one thing: "Obviously, we're not giving the shot to a 16-year-old and telling them to go out and have sex. It’s not even about becoming sexually active now. You are really vaccinating them against their future.”
Isn't that special? No, not really. . . .
I have to ask, how many teenagers have died from chastity? How many have been institutionalized for drug abuse because they saved themselves until marriage? How many have had to go into therapy because their self-esteem was high and their desire for promiscuous activity low?
Planned Parenthood is not only barking up the wrong tree, it and its fellow sex advocates are destroying souls, debilitating perfectly healthy young people, killing preborn babies and making a literal killing. Take a look at their profit margin sometime!
The ideology of death is viral. We must strive to correct this course by infusing the antidote of moral principle into the public discourse at every opportunity.
That's from the American Life League, an excellent source for news on these sorts of issues.

UPDATE: Unlike one of the commenters below, Doug at Daley Gator can take a (blonde) joke: "Hmmm, I wonder if Meghan McCain knows that I do make the best maragritas evah?"


  1. Another case where parents have abdicated their responsibilities to ____ <<< fill in the blank.

    They are giving this to pre-teens. Now doesn't that make a lot of sense? Little girls who should be playing with dolls or selling GS cookies are being vaccinated against a sexually initiated disease.

    Parents, it is time to just say NO and take up the reins of being a parent

  2. "Obviously, we're not giving the shot to a 16-year-old and telling them to go out and have sex."
    Yeah, that's ACORN's turf.

  3. The pressure to vaccinate is extreme.

    EVERY time I take one of our 3 daughters we are deluged with Gardicil crap.

    I finally had them write in their records NOT GETTING GARDICIL STOP ASKING. in RED SHARPIE and had them put it in the girls' records.

    The arguement they could no longer counter was:

    As the shots can be given any time until they are 24 - THEY can make that decision when they are adults. I am NOT going to make this one for them.

  4. The HPV marketing campaign is one of the most aggressive ones I've ever seen on TV and in magazines as well. The commercials are so high handed and insulting, the mothers and daughters looking into the camera: "If you love her, you'll get the shot." Ugh.

  5. HEY! DUMMIE! Not to put too fine a point on it, but WAY too many women catch this from their cheating husbands, where it has no effect. I am always biting my tongue to commiserate with a woman who has been diagnosed with cervical cancer after 100 years of marriage, 15 kids, blah blah.... Don't say it... Don't say it... "So, have you shot the cheating bugger yet?"

  6. I agree with Anonymous at 03:06:00 PM -- I am a 26-year-old female who has never -- ever -- been sexually active, and doesn't plan to ever be until marriage. However, I got the vaccine because all it takes is one bad decision from the man I marry. In my opinion, parents who refuse to vaccinate their daughters are only looking at one side of the equation. You don't get HPV from sex, you get it from the man you're having sex with.

    Plus I've already had (non-HPV-related) uterine cancer, and I DO NOT WANT TO MESS WITH THAT AGAIN.

  7. I don't think the shot at Megan McCain was either justified or gentlemanly. What was the need for that?


  8. Anonymous (JJV):
    I don't think the shot at Megan McCain was either justified or gentlemanly. What was the need for that?

    Was that idiot's impudent "advice" to Michelle Malkin justified or ladylike, sir?

    Meghan's problems are, of course, her own personal hell, and the requirement of decorum would, under normal conditions, permit her to suffer privately without notice. However, when she peddles the family name to Tina Brown's Daily Beast, employing her inherited fame as a weapon to undermine the conservative cause, her public disgrace allows mild, humorous reference to what one hears from various sources, Republican and otherwise.

    If she were to quietly enter a therapeutic rehabilitation program, seek religious counseling, and cease lecturing her elders about What's Wrong With The Republican Party -- and let's face it, her Dad is part of the problem, not part of the solution -- my young foolish cousin would be permitted to return without further notice to the sad obscurity she deserves. But until such time as she sees fit to shut her stupid mouth, I'll be here.

    Sincerely and respectfully, etc.

    -- RSM

  9. There is nothing wrong with getting your daughters vaccinated and nothing wrong with refusing this particular vaccination. Sexually transmitted disease is just disease, not a moral condition. I am not saying decisions do not have consequences (and morals definitely play into that), but these types of diseases just happen to be too fragile to infect you via the air, so they get you via direct contact sexually. If a woman is having many partners, this vaccine is not going to help very much. Yeah she might not get cervical cancer, but she still possibly could and would be exposed to a host of other diseases and dangers. There are a lot of other risk factors in play. Also, a woman married and committed to a single partner could be infected with this virus through no fault of her own (sometimes husbands stray and do not tell their wives). All it takes is her husband being a carrier of it.

    So given the risk of complications from vaccination is relatively low, the cost is not that expensive, and the risk of actual cancer low, you can rationally weight the risk/benefit and make a decision on your own. Do what you think best and don't let anyone guilt you one way or the other. And when your daughter reachs the age of consent, she can make this decision on her own and do what she think best.

  10. RSM, Great response to JJV, who took offense on Meghan McCain's behalf. Megs is a horrible person, and it's nice to know I can come here and see you articulate that so beautifully!

  11. Gardasil only reduces a woman's chance of getting HPV by 70%; this means that women still need to get PAP smears, get regular testing, and, if their husbands are cheating scum, get tested and treated for HPV-related issues in addition to a host of other sexually transmitted diseases.

    Furthermore, HPV may not work for a long time, often requires a booster shot, and, as anyone who is remotely familiar with basic biology can tell you, only works against modern strains of the virus. Viruses mutate. This vaccine may protect a 16-year-old girl now, but, if 25 years down the road, her husband gets HPV from some whore, she may not be protected at all.

    Chastity: a better vaccine.