Monday, September 21, 2009

'He's like a troll with his own website'

This inarguably apt description of LGF's Charles Johnson (hat-tip: Save the GOP) comes from a commenter on a post where Ace of Spades includes this video:

Ace complains:
I am trying to keep this a lively blog for the discussion of multiple topics of general interest, not solely for the discussion of an overrated and now discredited blogger.
Again: I do not object to the discussion. I object to the propensity of the discussion to dominate every single new thread on every single new subject.
Good point. The stock market lost about 40 points today, and I've got other work to do, but if any AOSHQ morons want to stop discussing this in every AOSHQ thread and start discussing it over here, I'd be grateful for the traffic.

BTW, what's up with this "Let's Don't Invite Stacy to Our Smart Girl Summit" deal, Tabitha Hale? You're hanging out with Erick Telford too much . . .

UPDATE: Fighting for Liberty:
LGF will eventually be DailyKos 2.0 as far as I can tell and I’m sure 8 years from now he’ll be touting those famous documents as “real, but inaccurate” or some such thing.
Via 2.0 Blogmocracy.



  1. God,these LGF vids are killing me! The Hitchcock one is also priceless as is the image w/ Charles Johnson tied up and Dan Rather sitting at his computer pretending to be Johnson.

  2. In retrospect, I think CJ was always a troll. The story about going past the mosque on 9/11 and the young man coming out and making a "gun" with his fingers and miming a shooting motion? The "Tilly" stories posted on the 9/11 thread? I wanted to believe them but I'm convinced that the whole time frame is suspect; I doubt the veracity of all of that at this point.

    Charles had code made ready that many, many bloggers used to post lgf headlines on their blogs. He collected lots of news items from lots of places. It is (or thankfully was) sort of centralized communication on the Right-leaning web, much like the Old Media now except they are totally in the tank for The Left. I think it was to get enough syncophants first and then steer them to the left of wherever they started out, to water down the conservative arguments.

    Independent thinking was discouraged on lgf, and Charles himself would jump in on the (very) active threads and delete and/or ban anyone who did not adhere to the "lgf pc" speech.

    I developed sort of an uneasy feeling about lgf some time ago and stopped going there. I'm not claiming to be insightful, but I'm not totally surprised about this turn of events.

  3. Inasmuch as Bush turned out to be a bit of a closet leftist like too many other "Republicans", and was probably only derailed from doing more domestic damage by 9/11, Johnson's defense of his past against lies from the Fifth Column media makes an odd kind of sense now.

  4. I, too have been saddened to see Charles apparently slip his gears and throw his chain. But unlike a lot of folks, he never convinced me that he was really a conservative anyway.

    OTOH, when the next large Islamazoid attack occurs here in the States, he'll probably change sides once more. (Unless, of course, he convinces himself that Bush did it this time. At the rate he's going, I'm not laying odds on that one, but will take it straight up, pending further deterioration.)

    Some folks just have to be hit alongside the head with a large wet fish more often than others of us do.

    In the interim, I have way too many things to be occupied with to let Mad King Charles obsess me.

    How about the National Endowment for the Arts? Now that one could get me worked up!


  5. I used to go to LGF a lot after 9/11. I found his site right after the event because I wanted to know more about what was going on. Random landing.

    I posted a few times and lost touch because work got busy and I found I had a life, work life that is. A busy one, but it kept me from there for a while.

    Went back years later and couldn't figure out what happened. All of a sudden it became opposite of what I thought it used to be.

    It went weird! That's all I can say.

    Has somebody suggested that he get tested for syphillus???

  6. I did my part. I went to LGF for the first time since the 2008 election, announced my Christianity and asked to get banned.

  7. Fitzcarraldo is a good metaphor for CJ, except Fitzcarroldo is cool in his obsessive creepiness and CJ is just creepy.

    And that clip is funny!

  8. Now he's going after Lila Rose with a clip of her comments at Value Voters, with this update:

    Some background information about Lila Rose: Citizen ‘Entrapment’: Lila Rose and 21st Century Stealth Pro-Life Activism.

    For those unaware of her exploits, she took advantage of her youthful appearance and voice, and went undercover with hidden camera/microphone at Planned Parenthood clinics as an underage girl who had become impregnated by a boyfriend many years her senior. The PP staffers suggest to Lila Rose that she lie about the boyfriend's age, thus covering up for statutory rape.

    But, according to CJ and his buddies, Lila Rose, presaging Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe, is the one in the wrong, because she lied to the PP people, as they have to ACORN staff. So that makes it all OK.

    And this is what CJ approvingly links to, when he isn't spreading smears against pretty much the whole Dextrosphere.

    (I'm not even close to a pure pro-lifer, and I'm none too fond of many state SR laws, but the law is what it is, and these videographers have captured folks far too willing to cover up law-breaking.)

  9. NO FAIR !! That's one of my favorite movies....

  10. Smitty can be snooty any ol' time he wants ;-) Tell him to just be sure he's 'dressed' for it by snagging one of those graphics I have posted. I can fashion any ol' color he likes ;-D

  11. Well I was flouncin' down the web in some thin green steel
    Had a yes man in the back and a sock puppet at the wheel
    We're making racist comments in the middle of the night
    I'm banning and I'm trollin' and we're feelin' uptight

    Oh I'm bad
    I'm nationwide
    Yes I'm bad
    I'm lame tonight

    Monitoring comments on my new pro Mac
    I had my fact proof screen in front, my ponytail flippin' in the back
    They dare to disagree with my ad hominem claims
    They talk to me in code words and I go up in flames

    'Cause I'm bad
    (No Mercy!)
    I'm lame tonight
    Yeah I'm bad
    I lack insight

    Well I was calling people racist with some erroneous facts
    My discrediting backfired when they counterattacked
    Guilt by association is the only card I played
    Now my site's deep down in trouble 'cause you know it works both ways

    I'm bad
    from telling lies
    Well I'm bad, bad, bad, bad, bad,
    I'm not too bright

  12. It's from Aguirre the Wrath of God. The other Werner Herzog movie--not Fitzcarraldo. Funny ntl

  13. I too was banned by Chuck. There is a mob mentality there. I was attacked for trashing CNN! Charles is not the brightest bulb in the room;[ listen to his interviews] He appears to be having a psychotic break with all his paranoid ravings. He sunk his own ship.


  14. I was banned way back in April for politely disagreeing with Charles' lusty attacks on Beck when they first began in what I felt was a rather polite post. I had no warning and rarely commented on much, but often posted spinoff links.

    So much for intellectual discussion.

  15. I just got banned from LGF, for asking a simple question about the sources of the "slavery has its merits" fake-quote attributed to Rush Limbaugh. The quick response was "What crap" followed by an insult, followed by another post announcing that my plug had been pulled. I was stunned.

    I used to be a daily reader of LGF, and it seemed to be adequately conservative for my tastes, but things started to change, and it wasn't me. There became a strong reaction to anything creationist-related, birther-related, Rush-related, etc., to the point that it was becoming clear this wasn't the same blog I was reading just a short time before. Every conservative voice out there was suddenly being thrown under the Little Green Bus. What the hell happened? There was a clear change in politics, rhetoric and focus. LGF was becoming a branch of the dark side? I refused to believe it at first. Then, when I got banned for questioning a source (and I am personally not a Rush fan, let it be known), it was then that the fog was lifted. The LGF I once knew was gone, and in its place a blog that spent time going after conservatives, their blogs, their books, their comments, while throwing in a couple of neat music videos to sooth things down. I realized my thinking was no longer welcome. I still look, but with a shaking head, almost a tear. It's too bad.

    So I am now looking for new ground, and carefully so. A lot of seething has been written about the Other McCain, Malkin, etc., at LGF, and right now I look cautiously, like I listened cautiously to my mother's version of why she and Dad divorced after hearing his (both 180° of course). Give me time, I have a mind to make up.