Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't want to make her angry, but . . .

Comment moderation is not an exact science, and approval of a comment does not imply my agreement or approval, especially as the comments I approve are sometimes of a personally abusive variety. So if I approve a comment that calls me a "flaming closet case Rethuglican transvestite," this cannot be considered an admission.

Which brings me to the subject of CourtneyME109, a/k/a "Great Satan's Girlfiend." What's she all about? Where's she coming from? Beats me. Without any attempt at complex political analysis, I'd recommend she cut down on her Red Bull intake.

In the midst of a long campaign to defend myself against the sadistic vengeance of LGF's Mad King Charles, I'm trying to be a bit cautious about which comments I do or do not approve. Who knows if the next "anonymous" commenter might be another one of Johnson's sock-puppet trolls? So I recently left this comment at GSGF's site:
Courtney, I'm at a loss to understand the meaning or purpose of the comments you keep trying to leave at my blog, which is why they are not being approved.
Nothing personal, you understand, but when I see terms like "Totenkopf" and "Confauxderate" in your comments, with wild assertions about connections between unrelated historical events, the choice between "publish" and "reject" isn't really difficult.
Like I said, nothing personal.


  1. The delightful ashen faced twenty year old Adams family literary wonder Kedja Gjermani called you (and me) racist scumbags and then banned me from her site of a couple of dozen readers when I said she was uncivil.

    So what comes around goes around.

    P.S.--Don't let Wild Irish Rose get your hair or finger nail clippings or she will work one of her hexes.

  2. Okay, what's with the random usage of both upper and lower case letters on her site? Is this a new fad with the "Look!-I-think-I'm-both-literate-and-cool" under-30 set? If the poet e.e. cummings (for anyone not familiar with his work, he always signed in all lower case) were alive today, would he be signing his name as "e. E. cUmmInGS?" Have we taken the infamous "ransom note" method and now started to apply it to each individual letter in a word?

    I'm obviously waaaaay too behind for my own good. . .

    (But I always remember to use 5 'As' in "raaaaacist.")

  3. I hate people who refer to themselves in the 3rd person all the time.

    It can be funny--when done tongue in cheek--but all the time makes you look like a pretentious jerk.

    I also don't care for the RaNdOm use of capitals...makes my head hurt, and it smacks of "I'm so desperate to look cool, but unfortunately I'm not."

  4. Just remember when you think you are getting it bad, someone is getting it worse.

    Sign Lt. Michael Benhenna's petition for a new trial. It looks like he was railroaded in the first trial.

  5. Now that Charles Johnson has one of these, he might not be so cranky.

  6. To be fair you did allow a neo-confederate to link to her site in a comment calling her a "war fetishist." If you meant no offense not allowing her to respond, pretentiously or not, is an odd way of showing it.

    I happen to like G.S.G.F. for what it is, including the word play. Like you I find it daunting when I'm not in the mood, but I appreciate the originality. In a right-o-sphere full of carbon copies of each other it's nice to see someone doing something that's not a rehash of Hot Air/ACE/Jawa etc.

    But it's ironic that the eccentircity of G.S.G.F., it's non-conformity, is what gets her comments banned on a post about Johnson's little green purgings.