Monday, September 21, 2009

Gates of Vienna to the Cowardly Liar Charles Johnson: Vindication at Last!

Last week, while I was engaged daily in defending myself against Charles Johnson's smears, Baron Bodissey of the Gates of Vienna blog sent me this e-mail:
Mr. McCain,
I’m glad to see you turn over the rock and expose the actions of Charles Johnson to the light. When someone of your stature weighs in, it’s bound to have a salutary effect.
That said, if we concentrate solely on the smears -- the innuendo, the guilt-by-association, the people who were in the same place at the same time with questionable people, etc. -- we miss the elephant in the room, namely:
And I mean just plain old everyday vanilla facts, things that don’t involve interpretation or personal opinion.
The process started two years ago and has been going on continuously ever since. . . .
Two years ago, except for Atlas Shrugs and Gates of Vienna, nobody among the medium-to-large American blogs was willing to take CJ on. One can only assume that the large blogs were afraid of what he could do to them.
Back in 2007 I shouted as loud as I could, but not a single large blog would look at the evidence and point out that the Emperor had no clothes -- that Charles Johnson was as bad as Dan Rather when it came to publishing blatant falsehoods and then stonewalling about them.It’s good that all this is finally happening now. Charles has jumped several sharks in the meantime, and people are no longer afraid of him.
But it would be even better if the fallout of the 2007 Brussels conference -- in which he egregiously slandered the Sweden Democrats and Vlaams Belang -- were prominently rehashed.
Those people are my friends, and I would like to see their names publicly cleared in the American blogosphere. Better late than never.
But I’m not holding my breath. There’s no sign that this will move beyond an intramural American blog war.
And I’m not blaming you at all -- you came late to this game. I’m just trying to keep you informed.
If you’re interested, the whole sleazy affair was summed up here:
Charles Johnson: The Dan Rather of the Blogosphere?”
And all the nitty-gritty factual details are here:
“Suggested Corrections for Charles Johnson”
We did due diligence, for all the good it did us.
Thanks once again for taking up the saber and joining the fray.
Baron Bodissey
Gates of Vienna
You have my permission to publish any or all of the above text.
For that permission I am most grateful, and apologize for having neglected publication until now. When a man swears the war-oath of Clan Cameron, a bloody rage descends upon his soul and he can think of nothing else except the destruction of the cowardly fool who has insulted him.

As my wrath has cooled somewhat, and as the Madness of King Charles continues to hasten his self-destruction -- Baldilocks is seriously worried about the man -- I'm beginning to reflect on what I've learned. And I'm becoming seriously interested in investigating the activities of these European parties for myself.

How much is a ticket to Brussels? Everybody hit the tip jar!


  1. Mr. McCain, thank you! I wrote my recent email to you before discovering this post.

    I appreciate your help in shedding light on this.

  2. I thought it was bad enough he was using six degrees of separation as a means to label people on the right as racist, but now I see he was not even using facts about those they were connected to.