Sunday, September 20, 2009

Doug Giles writes column about Hannah, doesn't threaten to kill me (by name)

This is very good news!
It's been quite interesting watching and reading the statements coming from ACORN and various "news" organizations about the "facts" of the Giles/O'Keefe ACORN caper. . . .
Doug then proceeds to demolish all of the MSM/ACORN lies from start to finish. He does not specifically address the "Hannah Giles bikini" Google-bombs which conservative bloggers have deployed in defending his girl from the Left's predictable Photoshop smears.

I had a long phone conversation Friday with Jason "Big Sexy" Mattera, trying to get him to explain to our mutual (muscular and very well-armed) friend, Mr. Giles, exactly what the strategy was, and why the strategy could not be explained online, but had to be joked about. IYKWIMAITYD.

Mr. Giles will probably not hunt me down and shoot me like a dog. God forbid anybody is stupid enough to try to hurt Hannah. Here's some more from Doug's column:
Oh, FYI . . . if confessing I’m a sinner, believing orthodox Christian doctrine, saluting our flag and that for which it stands, loving the Constitution, hating terrorists, being fond of guns, hunting, country and rock music while adoring freedom makes me a crazy ultra-conservative Christian lunatic then I guess I am one of those. I will put that name right next to the other name Obama's former green czar called such a person back in March (I believe he called us "a**holes").
Oh, Doug, you should read some of the things Charles Johnson has said about people like you. Or then again, maybe you shouldn't. At any rate, my own 20-year-old daughter has a T-shirt from Rock For Life, which bears a motto:
You will not silence my message
You will not mock my God
You will stop killing my generation
Six kids, Doug. You wouldn't kill a father of six, would you?


  1. Stacy, you're driving me crazy! But first, you deserve cudos for defending Hannah against the liberal loopies. These two kids should become icons to their generation and deserve an awful lot of credit for their vision and chutzpah, two things severely lacking in the MSM. But really, what the heck does IYKWIMAITYD mean? I'm spending WAY too much time trying to decipher these codes.

  2. "If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do."

  3. You wouldn't kill a father of six, would you?

    Nah, I'm sure he'd just wing you.

  4. I too have made a plea to Hannah's Dad: As my regular readers are aware, I've been posting a lot on Hannah for over a week now as part of the Google-bomb effort. So, Mr. Giles, this is addressed directly to you: I have a wife and six cats and two elderly parents that I watch over. You wouldn't do any harm to such a humane man, would you? And by the way, FYI: Stacy made me do it.

    I love you Stacy, but its every man for himself when confronted by a gal's dad.

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