Friday, September 25, 2009

Jake Tapper is probably not pleased with me

by Smitty


jaketapper: POTUS happy that Russia and China have called for Iran to let IAEA inspectors in - but will they back sanctions???

smitty_one_each: @jaketapper Jake, why send IKEA inspectors to Iran when we already know their furniture is crap?

jaketapper: @smitty_one_each i dont set Iran policy. but what would you propose?

smitty_one_each @jaketapper HAMRA is a good place to start.

American Glob seems to have enjoyed the riff. I don't know whether to feel honored or soiled to come up in the same mental breath as Allahpundit.


  1. I heard him on Imus one morning. A real naive progressive idiot. He was basically justifying everything Obama did as if he was at the A Cappella rendition in New Jersey. What was worse was that Imus didn't challenge him one bit. My 6 year old would have done a better job.

  2. Funny. I will pay you $10 if you can get Kedja Dipshit to bite. $20 for Charles Johnson.

  3. Not 'soiled'--that would apply if you were talking about David Chauncey Gardiner Brooks. Rather, I would use the word 'clamy'.