Friday, September 25, 2009

VIDEO: LOL at LGF! 'Some sort of desperate low-life smear merchant'

Thanks to Pamela Geller for the funniest "Downfall" YouTube evah!

New contributor Angel has more, and click here for the Complete Mad King Charles Beatdown, which will be updated repeatedly as the sad saga continues in the bunker beneath the LGF Reich Chancellery.

The Mad King Charles Beatdown Fund -- please give generously. It's for the children!

UPDATE: Welcome fellow AOSHQ Morons! I don't mind the "totally swiped" by Nice Deb. Hell's bells, I totally swiped my whole shtick from Ace. Nice Deb also supplies video of LGF henchperson Killgore Trout's reaction to the latest beatdown:

Right Wing News did a survey of the right bloggers' "Least Favorite People." Talk about your "links and ties," Charles Johnson tied Pat Buchanan and Susan Collins for sixth -- demand a recount!

But before you do that, please remember to give generously to the The Mad King Charles Beatdown Fund. It's for the children!

UPDATE II: Scratch that. Forget my kids. Go check out the Nigerian e-mail to Charles Johnson that started this whole thing. And hit Sammy's tip jar -- it's a mitzvah!


  1. These videos are more entertaining than the vast majority of Hollywood's output.

  2. Great video. I also like the fact that every time I check LGF to see whom CJ is currently smearing, I see an ad for Glenn Beck's newest book, Arguing for Idiots. The a** is schlepping one of the very persons he claims is ruining the country.

  3. On the one hand, that video was hilarious... on the other hand, we're so bored with Charles Johnson. Nobody really cares anymore... wouldn't cross the street to piss on him if his teeth were on fire. There's gotta be something worthy of your journalistic abilities.

  4. Thanks for the welcome!

    Blue Hen

  5. Hilarious videos!

    Looks like mad king Charles has upped his war on you. He has two Robert Stacy McCain is a racist posts headlining his page and of course also headlines Victor Davis Hanson's dismissal of criticism of mad king Charles.

  6. Mark wrote: "He has two Robert Stacy McCain is a racist posts headlining his page and of course also headlines Victor Davis Hanson's dismissal of criticism of mad king Charles."

    Yeah, I know, he's had that up for three days. It's all about Charles The Victim, pretending that he's "exposed" me by recycling a bunch of old SPLC smears. And it's just more evidence of his insane, envy-driven, sadistic thirst for vengeance.

    The problem is that when the SPLC first started that stuff back in 2000 -- as I've explained several times here on the blog, see the main bio on the right sidebar -- I was under orders from my bosses at The Washington Times not to respond. Why should we give publicity to stuff like that by responding to it?

    Of course, as I think long-time readers have figured out by now, I'm perfectly capable of defending myself in writing. But my job required me to bite my tongue, and so this stuff was out there on the Internet. It kept getting repeated and never rebutted, and some of the smear artists decided they could just state as a fact that I was a "white supremacist" who had written X, Y, and Z, without ever bothering to check with me whether any of it was true. As I've said, there is more than one error of fact in the Michelangelo Signorile column that contains some of the most hair-raising stuff out there.

    Well, after I left the Washington Times in January 2008, went to Africa and came back, I was free to speak my peace. But by then I figured, why bother? The people who know me, know me, and they laugh at that stuff.

    As I said in a phone conversation with a friend yesterday, "What does 'white supremacist' even mean in 2009?" When Charles or Kejda make a flat statement that I am a "white supremacist blogger" -- Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    In The Vision of the Anointed, Thomas Sowell titled his fourth chapter, "The Irrelevance of Evidence," and I know exactly what he meant. Despite a complete lack of valid evidence that I am a "white supremacist," we see Kejda and Charles continuing to cling to their theory in preference to confronting the facts. And really, they're not interested in facts.

    It's the lack of genuine effort, the arrogant laziness of these people that frustrates me. Do you think it ever occurred to Charles to send me an e-mail before he started openly defaming me? No. Just like he started calling Pamela Geller a fascist without warning. It's the same way with all his other victims, including Jim Hoft.

    So anyway, during a 2006 radio interview -- one of the things Charles is waving around as "proof" -- Alan Colmes was brow-beating my Donkey Cons co-author Lynn Vincent about the book, and I was at home listening. I felt Colmes was being grossly unfair -- Alan on radio is a much tougher cookie than the wimpy dude that Hannity used for a punching back five nights a week -- and called in. Naturally, Alan let one of his seminar callers ambush me with the Signorile thing, which can't be explained in a 30-second soundbite. And this is "proof," you see, that I am a "white supremacist."

    Sigh. The Irrelevance of Evidence. Anyway, I'm well past the point in my career where I feel any need to defend myself against liberals recycling that stuff, but for someone to claim to be a conservative and use that crap against me -- nope, not going to take that. There are way too many people in the conservative movement who can testify that I am a man of goodwill for me to let myself be libeled by any "conservative" who would take a cheap shot like that.

  7. Hey Checker neck! You ever answer your e-mails?


  8. How much does Beck pay for his add? I'd say its well worth it. It makes Chuckster into a laughing stock, Beck propping him up so he can beat him mercilessly a little longer. Much like a prize fighter who has his opponent about to fall, but pins him in the corner so he can land a few more punches.
    Chuck has his hand out begging on every thread. The man is feeling the pinch. he must not be getting much fluff from his minions. The ranks are thinning as he bans more and more.
    Are these the actions of a sane man? What has damaged his brain so? Drugs? lets hope not. Unchecked VD? Again lets hope that is not the case.
    I am critical of anyone who has never really worked for a living whether they are a welfare queen, or a congress critter. Washed out jizz musicians fall into that group. All they do is entertain, more peanuts for hte monkey, isn't he cute?
    princess Charlie needs to see that he is a washed up has been. his claim to fame was Rathergate, and that story is aintshit history.