Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Armstrong 'Moons' POTUS Over Healthcare

by Smith

It's right there on the shiny-nets, at Million Med March, emphasis mine:
I have read HR3200 and the proposed bill from the Senate finance committee. I must tell you, Mr. President, that these proposed pieces of legislation will not fix the problems. Each of these or a compromise of the two will do nothing but add to the cost, the beauracracy[sic] and the waste that you have said repeatedly that you want to reduce.
Dr. Richard A. Armstrong, whose real activities are nowhere near as sophomoric as my title, seeks to put a million doctors in DC on Thursday, 01Oct.
The MMM Mission Statement bears repeating:
  1. Congress should scrap efforts for government to take over medicine through rationing, insurance mandates and the public option.
  2. Congress should institute changes that empower patients and lower costs of health insurance through things like interstate purchasing, tort reform, individual tax credits to buy insurance and deregulation of the insurance market.
  3. The AMA does not represent the physicians of America and are merely another special interest trying to gain financially while patients and the profession lose.
  4. The American Taxpayer cannot afford the debt and entitlement programs – reform Medicare and Medicaid first.
The only major flaw I foresee in all of this is that the doctors' hand-written signs will be completely unintelligible. I recommend as many non-doctors as possible show up a week from Thursday for a legibility assist.

Godspeed, Dr. Armstrong.


  1. Nah, most of them are married, and their wives know how to write well. Just ask Neiman Marcus. Plus, their wives do this kind of stuff for them all the time. And, it is 'their' money at stake, too. Even if college liberalized those wives (degraded their education), they know the difference between Sacs and J.C. Penney, a Jaguar and a Chevy, a diamond and a quartz. Ha!

  2. Or, if you have a wife like mine who's handwriting is on par with a doctors!!

    Mr. McCain - I'm glad I found your website! Informatibe/Fun article.