Tuesday, September 22, 2009

As predicted, LGF attacks Malkin

UPDATE 9/23: Who is Kejda Gjermani? Is she actually LGF's 'Medaura'? And if so . . .?

PREVIOUSLY (10:45 p.m., 9/22): He threatened her in April, and now follows through. The ex-lizards at Blogmocracy will be the definitive source on this episode, but I just wanted to quote one of the leading henchpeople:
Killgore Trout9/22/2009 6:36:40 pm PDT
re: #280 Charles
What do you think their game is? RSM and Malkin seem to be baiting you into something. Could they possibly have some sort of trap set up or do they just think the time for open racism has arrived? I don't get the strategy.
No, Kilgore, you don't get the "strategy." It's called facts, and the fact is you're a stooge for a cowardly liar who is far gone in the process of complete self-destruction.

UPDATE: Smeared by Kejda Gjermani, an assistant online editor at Commentary:
White nationalist Robert Stacey McCain now prominently blogrolls lgf2, a hate site run by a couple of dangerous whacks prone to physical violence—and encourages its commenters to congregate at Hot Air.
There are these things called facts, Ms. Gjermani, and there are witnesses to those facts.

UPDATE II: Now we see where Kejda Gjermani is getting her misinformation. A commenter identifies her husband as software entrepreneur Michael P. Hussey a/k/a "mph" on VodkaPundit's comments:

Well, Stacy McCain does write for Taki Magazine and VDare…two absolutely disgusting (and racist) publications. McCain is openly friendly with the editor of Taki Mag, Richard Spencer, an avowed white nationalist (Spencer proudly told me this himself the one time I was disgraced to meet him – the guy is a f-ing lunatic and anyone who calls themselves a friend of this creature has serious issues of their own).
…and never mind that Stacy McCain is a member of the League of the South. What else do you need to know? Come on Stephen…you are one of the great ones. The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. Don’t close your eyes to this filth.
Sep 12, 2009 - 3:41 pm
Get it? Apparently "mph" encountered Richard Spencer -- perhaps at a libertarian event? some sort of Paulista gathering? -- in New York, where they both live, and words were exchanged.

As I've said of Spencer several times, he's a brilliant young radical who is too much a fan of Nietzsche. And anyone may ask Suzanna Logan (a Christian who is most definitely not a white supremacist) about Spencer's arrogance.

Spencer was a graduate student at Duke during the lacrosse rape hoax, an episode that I suppose had a radicalizing effect on a lot of students. It was at a panel discussion of the Duke hoax that I met Spencer in Washington a couple of years back.

Spencer and I have had long telephone discussions about politics, and he could certainly testify to our disagreements. But he pays me to write at Taki's, and you can examine everything I've written there for what it's worth. "Racism"? It's not there. Oh, and contrary to what "mph" asserts, I've never written for VDare.com.

Speaking of arrogance, "mph" seems to be one of those young people who imagine that (a) anything written on the Internet must be true, and (b) all facts are available on the Internet. These beliefs are false.

If you'll look at the insulting tone "mph" takes in Vodka's comment thread, he seems even more arrogant than Spencer. Alas, "mph" has made serious mistakes by recycling materials of dubious credibility, and -- if it is true that "mph" is Hussey -- he has committed an even more serious error by involving Gjermani in what appears to be some sort of personal feud with Spencer.

Once again, you see how the question of motive is always relevant when these kinds of accusations are raised. What provoked "mph" to attack someone he doesn't know, based on second-hand information he evidently never bothered to verify?

Pay close attention, idiots: Just because I haven't bothered to deny something doesn't mean it's true. The burden of proof is on the accuser, and good luck proving some of the things you have so flatly asserted. There are facts. And there are witnesses.


  1. McCain: We spoke on the phone and upon hanging up I said Charles is going down. You warned me off such language, but I'd say you've adopted that perspective faster than I'd imagined.

    Carry on, in any case. The entire blog now is devoted to "science" and anti-conservative attacks. I can't even look at it.

  2. Kilgore Trout and Charles Johnson are racists. They are obsessed about race.

    Most of us do not care. We judge people based on their demonstrated character.

  3. Kejda Gjermani, go call your editor John Podhoretz and tell him that Stacy McCain and Michelle Malkin are racists and white supremacists and that Charles Johnson is the victim of "unprovoked attacks." Go see what J-Pod has to say about that.

  4. Chuckles linked in comment 202 of that thread to the 2006 HuffPo smear Michelle Malkin's White Supremacist Ties

  5. Joe:

    Which is why I was called a racist when I posted saying that I was done because he'd banned Afrocity and Baldilocks - both black female bloggers with a million times his talent. Can you figure that one out?

  6. Oh, man, she misspelled your name. Oh, she done done it now, man. She done done it now.

  7. "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"

    "Racism" is a non-sequitur.

    It's a PR stunt and the answer to it is, "Back atcha!" -- which is guttural for "Take the log out of your own eye before you offer to take the dust out of another's."

  8. I'm confused. What was the attack on Malkin?

  9. Since I'd been hearing about how Chuckles has been wielding the banning hammer to eliminate dissent, a week ago I went over to LGF and had a look - I had taken LGF off my favorites list months ago, when I realized I hadn't even looked at the site in almost 6 months because of the OCD crazy which resides there.

    Anyway, I attempted to make a critical comment, since I've had commenting privileges there for years (I started reading his blog right after 9/11. I was living in the Middle East at the time.) I was banned immediately.

    Yup, he's a leftist alright. Everyone on the right is a raaaaaaacist and he tolerates no dissent. He needs to be named Czar of SHUT UP! by the Obama administration.

    I think Chuckles is more than a little bit jealous that the right seems to be having all the fun these days, while he sits in his lounge with his syncophants whinging and shaking his little fist.

    It's been a while since he was working the Rather scandal, and now it's the likes of Breitbart, and those meddling kids, Giles and O'Keefe, getting the big stories. And those stories are bigger and get more publicity than anything Chuck has done. Especially lately.

    All he seems to be able to accomplish these days is shouting "racist!" to anyone who happens to pass by. Kind of like the looney guy who stands on the street corner shouting at people who avert their eyes and walk by as quickly as they can.

  10. The LGF "Lizard Army" should be renamed the LGF "Toadie Army."

  11. Joe said... Kejda Gjermani, go call your editor John Podhoretz and tell him that Stacy McCain and Michelle Malkin are racists and white supremacists and that Charles Johnson is the victim of "unprovoked attacks." Go see what J-Pod has to say about that.

    It's insane, isn't it? People really ought to try to get in touch with me before publishing this wacky stuff. They could save themselves a great deal of embarrassment.

  12. Stacy:

    I am sure you know this by now, but Kejda and her husband Michael Huseey (aka MPH) seem to run a tag team operation in the blogosphere.

    And what is humorous is that she is lapping up the praise of CJ and going nasty at you behind the Green Wall, yet she feigns "fatigue" and "not knowing all the story" at her personal site. Go figure.

  13. Damn it, RSM, now you've lost Kejda Gjermani.

    And when you lost Kejda, a pillar of the conservative movement and well Assistant on-line editor of "Commentary" whose exploits are known from coast to coast... dude it doesn't look good.

    I just hope Geoffrey Kabaservice stands by you - otherwise you're finished.

  14. I can’t take Commentary seriously anymore. I used to read it every month, even re-read it. But after the dumb argument(s) they made for World War IV, and after JPOD, in an argument with John Derbyshire, claimed that the US tariffs of the 1920s caused the Holocaust, well, I lost interest in Commentary.

    You will recall what Woody Allen said: If you combine the magazine Dissent with the magazine Commentary, you get Dysentery. Those guys (&gals) throwing around charges of “white supremacy” have diarrhea of the mouth.

  15. Al Kedja is an Albanian KLA supporter, posts as "Medaura" on LGF.

    Run a search on the nickname. Google is your friend.

  16. Saw this comment at LGF 2 regarding Kejda and her Husband, and the role they appear to have played in CJ revealing the personal information of some of his former members who went on to found 2.0:
    "Kejda Gjermani is medaura18586 at 1.0


    Her husband is Michael Hussey, who happens to be the Founder and CEO of PeekYou, the site that selrahC just “happened” to stumble on while searching for info on Savage and Rodan.


    I wonder how Savage’s and Rodan’s info just “happened” to appear on PeekYou?

    I’ve spent a bit of time typing in various usernames, it interesting how little information can be gleaned from the site. Except for our two admins, that is.

    Things that make you go hmmm…"

  17. So Charles Johnson had gotten da boot from Captain Ed, Allah, Pajamasmedia, Michelle, Powerline, Protein Wisdom, etc.

    And this idiot Kejda Gjermani shows up and decides to channel Wild Irish Rose and Sharmutta with a sycophant post. Seriously Commentary/John Podhoretz, more Jennifer Rubin and Max Boot and less Kejda Gjermani. Although with her jumping into this brew ha ha, I can see why Commentary dropped its comments option.

    Yeah, I know CJ has been pro Israel, but so am I, all the bloggers who have dumped LGF listed above, I assume even "white supremacist" R.S. McCain. Given the unstable nature of the Lizard King, Israel needs friends it can trust not Fitzcarraldo and his ship full of spider monkeys.

  18. It's been clear where Charles' johnson has been taking LGF for quite some time now.

    How he managed to fool the PJM folks into thinking he was credible still puzzles me. Were they that desperate for exposure via his blog?

  19. Kejda says:
    September 23, 2009 at 12:01 pm
    Joe, if that is how you interpreted the quote, your reading comprehension skills are wholly deficient. In fact, you need serious clinical treatment.

    Go back to it and read it again. And again. And if needed, again. I wonder what you scored on the reading section of the SAT.

    By the way, even according to the wholly inaccurate interpretation you distilled from the quote, its utterer is a racist scumbag in my book. And so are you for agreeing with him in that interpretation of his quote.

    I am now a racist scumbag for not agreeing with Kedja's interpretation of RSM's quote on interracial marriage. This is similar to Andrew Sullivan accusing Ann Althouse and Glenn Reynolds of running "torture blogs" for failing to take a sufficiently shrill tone condemning Bush and Rumsfeld for their war crimes Jeez Louise, this has an almost Amanda Maracotte quality to it. And that is saying a lot.

    Memo to John Podhoretz: There are plenty of qualified folks out there willing to be junior editors for you.

  20. As you've said, you have a reputation to protect. I made the mistake of going to LGF via another blog (haven't read LGF in years), and he is libeling you again today (Wednesday). At a certain point, it may be time to consider legal action.

  21. I managed to get banned by Kedja. My insult to her? I said (in response to her calling me a "racist scumbag") that she was uncivil and I could see why she would be friends with Charles Johnson and Wild Irish Rose. She did not give me a warning btw, but there was no reason to give me a warning. Basically I got banned for disagreeing with her. Which is fine. Because I do disagree with her.

    Let's see if she rises to my challenge of finding the collection of racist works of R.S. McCain. Then we can all join hands and condemn you together. Oh wait, they do not exist?

    Crickets from Charles Johnson and the chorus of race baiters.

  22. I tried to appeal to Ms. Gjermanis' honor to reconsider, but she apparently does not have any. She is a hypocrite and a perfect ally of Charles Johnson.

    I remember when John Podhoretz would get in blog battles with Andrew Sullivan over torture. Podhoretz would mock Sullivan's over the top attacks of anyone who did not share The Nation-like enthusiasm in going after the Bush Administration. Sully would respond by calling Podhoretz, everone else at the Corner, Charles Krauthammer, Reynolds, Althouse, etc, etc., torture supporters. It would get rather heated. Now I agree with Sullivan's stance on torture (I am against enhanced interrogation policies and water boarding for legitimate policy and moral reasons) but I am not for war crime tribunals for everyone in the Bush Administration who argued for it and I recognize this is a serious issue with more than two sides.

    But this racist and white supremacist trope charge that is being leveled against R.S. McCain, this is the most dishonest and cowardly of attacks. There are no two sides to it, the attack is just wrong. That is why I said Kedja is like Amanda Maracotte. She is a dishonest person.

    You do not call someone a "white supremacist" without proof.

  23. Michael Hussey also started the "Rate My Teachers" website, which was very successful.

    His wife, Kejda, is without a doubt "Medaura". She is a nasty piece of work.

    Those two don't disagree with someone, they attack, hurl as many epithets and accusations as they can, and sit back and laugh if people try to defend themselves. They don't care about facts. If people respond with facts, they respond with more baseless accusations.

    They say they are anti-religion but get hostile when anyone criticizes Islam.

    They have accused Robert Spencer of being a religious supremacist with an agenda to force Christianity on the world.

    I wouldn't be surprised if all of Kejda's "enemies" on LGF have been banned by now: the devoutly religious, anyone who dared to disagree with her, anyone who defended Robert Spencer...

    They use other nicknames online, too.

    Also, Kejda is a valued contributor in the comments section on Michael J. Totten's blog.

  24. What Chucky and Kedja completely miss in all this is that it comes down to hit counts. Blogwise, the winner is always the one that aggregates the most hits. Banning is the inverse of linking.

    As the pond dries up, the reptiles end up feeding the scavengers.

  25. Most of the characters and scenarios here are as confusing to me as Belgian politics -- but
    I really think that guy has gone nutters.

    His accusations of racism extent to certain US politician/commentators sitting down for coffee with shady characters, or RSMcCain using the wrong sort of pseudonym on a web site years ago.

    Wait a minute? Michelle Malkin is associating with white supremicists? In the old days you could count on racists to actually be white.

  26. The LGF "Lizard Army" should be renamed the LGF "Toadie Army."

    Can a blog be a troll? If so, then LGF is the most vile damn troll in the blogosphere.

    Any "Downfall" vids of Johnson's latest breakdown? Someone, anyone! Please!

  27. Medauara is a supporter of teh KLA (Kossovo Liberation Army). They were teh Albaian Branch of AL-Qaeda and many of them were trained in Afghanistan. Research them and you will see what Medauara supports.