Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

Originally inspired by Pirate's Cove Patriotic Pinup series, and in accordance with Rule 5 of "How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog," we are proud once again to bring the weekly Sunday sampler of delicious babe-blogging: Via Convervatives4Palin:

"Too hot for the White House?"

For my own original contribution, here's a photo from CPAC:

Jimmie Bise of Sundries Shack, Suzanna "Clever S." Logan and Duane Lester of All-American Blogger.

If your contribution to Rule 5 Sunday has been overlooked, please e-mail me the URL of your babe-blogging, and I'll try to update to include you.

Also, if anybody wants to get original and creative, try this: Order a T-shirt -- either in the Ordinary American design or the Equality Is For Ugly Losers design -- and get a hottie to model it for a photo. (If you are yourself a hottie, model it yourself.) Bonus points for such photos in which the hottie is modeling with guns, motorcycles, cool cars, or guitars.

UPDATE: Serr8d unabashedly tries to see how close to NSFW he can get. But if you're working on Sunday . . .

UPDATE II: Doug Mataconis gives you an eyeful of the sinister neocon cabal's secret weapon, Bar Rafaeli. And if they ever decide they want a Gentile prime minister . . . remember, that's only a hypothetical.

BTW, I've got to take my three youngest kids on the Bataan Death March a Sunday hike up South Mountain, so if there any late entries for Rule 5 Sunday, e-mail them to Smitty. If I drop dead of a massive coronary halfway up the mountain, just keep hitting the tip jar, people. It's For The Children!

UPDATE III: Did you know Melissa Rycroft of "The Bachelor" has had breast reduction surgery? And did you know such operations would be outlawed by the first executive decree of the Gentile prime minister?

UPDATE IV: While I was hiking the kids up and down the mountain -- all three made it home safely -- Bill Dupray at Patriot Room put up some pictures of Brazilian Carnival hotties.


  1. The O'Reilly video was interesting. Bill wanted something concrete, with the premise that Palin's attractiveness affected the campaign. And found the guest researcher to be quite specific, that her study was not about the implications of what people did when thinking of the attractive governor, but about how they evaluated attractive women. I have to agree with Bill - it seems a waste of effort and certainly a waste of air time.

    As to why Angelina Jolie came out being considered more "competent" - Jolie's career is illusion and inciting sex thoughts. Palin looks attractive, but avoids inciting sex thoughts. When you set the stage to evaluate the "attractiveness" of women - of course Palin comes out weaker.

    My own personal take is that women that put energy, time, and money into their appearance - waste part of their ability to be productive members of their community. Sexy and other mating rituals should apply to a very limited era of a person's life. Loretta Swit ("Hot Lips Hoolihan" from MASH) made a movie years back, where she wears a dolled up dress as a business exec - and gets told to stick to shoulder pads and tweeds.

    Palin looked like she was trying to educate America that a woman can be beautiful and competent. You don't get ahead trying to teach people when they already "know" an answer. She would have done better portraying a business-like "Governor of Alaska", than the "Beautiful Woman who is *gasp* Governor of Alaska." She could have saved herself and her party a lot of grief, keeping "attractive" out of her image.

  2. One more for your list: