Saturday, March 14, 2009

Broadside of Breitbart

by Smitty

Here is a set of short clips featuring Andrew Breitbart, (hat tip to burghnews) on Red Eye.
First up is the standard ACLU trope "person X protesting tradition Y via asinine behavior Z". I guess if the ACLU would file lawsuits against the Federal government on 10th Amendment grounds, I wouldn't feel the ACLU could be replaced with a button marked "Crap".

Here he reveals how Mr. Flinging Footwear of Fury will pocket a few dinar while in the big house. Won't spoil the jape, but I do look forward to the increase in quality.

Here Andrew enjoys a private moment in a public way. As a safety tip, do not think of either half of the Doltish Duo when you watch this.

Last and possibly weirdest is this bit on Clooney Tofu. Not exactly a peanut butter and chocolate situation. Good taste would have argued against including anything mentioning PETA, but Rule 5 demands a wider audience for Amy Schumer.

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