Sunday, March 8, 2009

'Strange new respect' for Frum

Career role modeling for Republicans whose lifelong ambition is to be published in Newsweek.

Donald Douglas has some thoughts. I'm just trying not to think about it at all for fear that it will drive me utterly mad. It's like seeing the phrase "menage a trois" on a blog post with links to Jim McGreevey and Eliot Spitzer. Not enough brain bleach on the planet to erase that unseemly image from one's mind. Some people are just sociopaths . . .


  1. I am not a fan of Rush's style. His radio show is not what I enjoy as entertainment and on matters of opinion, philosophy and applied politics I feel no need to look to him. In fact, over the years there have been times when I have cringed to hear the ways with which he agrees with me. That is all a question of style and outlook and approach, not of substance. The guy's a gasbag. He is nonetheless usually right.

    This is where the sorta conservatives go wrong, either with Rush or as we saw with Sarah Palin; they are so confused about what conservatism actually is that they mistake it for a Rotary Club, Tory attitude. They mistake conservatism for an attitude and outlook, for "how people like us" conduct themselves. Or worse for "how people as I wish to think of myself" comport themselves.

    The Frum, Brooks, Will, Noonan, Parker axis represent the other side of the "diversity" coin as a mainstream liberal. The liberals collect an assortment of differently colored people of varying genders and ancestries who all think alike and declare it diversity. This bunch collects a very narrow ethnic and social clique and thinks it conservatism. Real conservatives come in all colors and backgrounds and speak with a thousand voices and styles but the clique doesn't see it. They have adopted and try to enforce the liberal carciture of conservatism as belonging only to a particular white, middle-class "type."

    To hell with them. Truth is truth whether it's spoken by some loudmouth from Mo-Ark border country, a babe from the North or some black guy with his hat on sideways. Conservatism like anything true and great and powerful is too big for any one person to fully understand (Except maybe Ronald Reagan) so like the blind men describing the elephant we can only express what we can grasp. This works if we listen to one another and learn about the part we can't reach. The Ninny Brigade (that should be the official term, Ninny Brigade) doesn't want to hear from the rest and are trying to shout the other voices down.

    Yeah, good plan. Act exactly as liberals accuse you of and then wonder why they beat you in elections.

  2. Umnnhhh...yah, but how about 'menage a trois' with Reich, Paulson, and Bernanke?

    Who's on first, what's on second, and the Runt is third.

    THAT should ruin your Sunday dinner, McCain!

  3. If Frum doesn´t get over his Rush obsession right soon, I won´t like him anymore.

    Frum says that Limbaugh is an unsavory character and will ruin the electoral chances of the party. For the sake of the argument, let´s accept that. Here´s my question: the Democrats have lots and lots of unsavory characters - you know who they are, some are pals of the current President - but it never seems to ruin them. And you don´t see them tearing themselves apart over their moonbats and corrupt officials. You know the drill: "Ah, he´s over the top, but you gotta see where he´s coming from, he means well, he´s not typical, he´s done so much work for the People,...."

    Some liberals may think of their bad guys as crazy uncles, but of course you don´t badmouth your crazy uncle in public and you don´t treat him as an enemy. They NEVER have enemies on the left and they NEVER take the side of conservatism in ANY fight. Where´s the liberal Frum or Brooks who tells them how embarrassing their personnel and policies are? There ain´t one. Their people are all geniuses!

    And now Frum tells us that they win and we don´t because we do not have enough enemies on the right. As if Rush is stopping him from putting forward his policy proposals (some of which aren´t bad, by the way). No, I say Frum´s behavior is the bigger problem because he is copying the wrong page from the liberal playbook. Take this one: You don´t EVER have conservative enemies.