Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blame Limbaugh First

"This is all a White House distraction tactic, and it's being executed by friendly media taking directions. The left online, naturally, jumped on board faster than a Democrat on a filmmaker. It's simple to understand, really. They don't want you to think about Obama's broken campaign promises and inept first month. So they need a distraction."
-- Caleb at Red State

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  1. I think one of Limbaugh's comments at CPAC applies. "We want everyone to succeed." Which is the polar opposite of what liberals want.

    The Obama "friendly media" want to crush anyone making money they aren't. Of course they are eager to slam Limbaugh and conservative talk radio.

    Liberal talk radio can't happen en masse - liberalism is about the individual rising above despised masses. How do you build a community of selfish boobs?

    If you see your kid toddling toward the edge of a bridge or an overlook cliff - you don't want him to succeed in taking one more step - you (desperately) want to intervene. This is what watching the Democrats-led Congress and now Obama means to me. I desperately want them to fail, I want to intervene to prevent hardship and turmoil. I want them to fail, because we would all have another chance at getting it right, instead.