Monday, March 9, 2009

'Big Sexy' vs. Charles Rangel

Jason Mattera confronts the Most Ethical Democrat Evah, eliciting the carefully argued response: "Why don't you mind your goddamned business?"

BTW, both Moe Unique Hits and Clever S. Logan are in love with Mattera, whom Logan nicknamed "Big Sexy." A couple of years ago, I jokingly suggested to Big Sexy that he should marry Moe and, when he refused to act on my suggestion -- I was joking, but Moe really was in love with the boy -- I sicced Logan on him, so he would know how a broken heart feels. I'm evil like that.

Then I introduced Moe to Logan, and got them both into blogging, and now Big Sexy is mad at me, alleging that I broke the Guy Code. I'm evil like that, too. But really, Jason, man, it's for your own good. Until you send Logan that box of Godiva chocolates you promised, you're in that zone of injustice where you're not allowed to invoke the Guy Code.

UPDATE: Jason Mattera is a racist who hates Asians (as I'm sure Michelle Malkin would gladly testify.)


  1. One IMPORTANT point of clarification. Big Sexy named HIMSELF Big Sexy. And he named other things, too, but I digress. :-)

  2. Charles Rangel

    The Epitome of the Public Servant

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  4. Regardless of who coined the name, when you begin to use it in third person, perhaps a self-evaluation is in order. Like a kid learning how to walk, it may not easy. Sometimes you need a hand, so I'll offer one... fulfilling [chocolately] promises is a good stepping off point. :)