Friday, March 13, 2009

The Sharkpit of Mood

by Smitty

Fausta reports on the Shark Pit of Doom:
Today is National Iowahawk Day. In the spirit of the day, here’s one of the spectacular events relating to the legendary life of Iowahawk
She then boldly relates how fortune favored her with a visit from the 'hawkish one.
So as to avoid spoiling Fausta's brief, intense tale, let me use her post as an excuse to share a tango. This one is doused in something inflammable and set on fire. Now, this is completely SFW, and rated G, but if it doesn't leave you feeling just a little in the mood, you're probably dead.

Elizabeth Roe is totally Rule 5 material. Greg Anderson merits mention for the leather trousers, but we'll leave any serious appreciation to Fausta.
Oh, and here's that blistering duo's site. Because this is a full service blog.


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