Wednesday, March 11, 2009

'A Tammy Bruce Republican'

So does blogger Jenn Q. Public describe herself. NTTAWWT. She linked me (not in a laudatory way) in a roundup post about Meghan McCain, which also includes:
There's also the ever popular insult levied at right-leaning women that all she has going for her is her shapely backside.
See there? Once again Jimmie Bise's unverified assertion is cited as if it were a fact. This is how the blogosphere undermines journalistic standards. Until I have personally observed the phenomenon at issue, professional ethics forbid me from offering my neutral and objective assessment.

Jenn Q. settles on the label "Tammy Bruce Republican" after rejecting as too restrictive the labels conservative, moderate, South Park Republican and pragmatist.

Me? When it comes down to what really matters, I'm a Sir Mix-a-Lot Republican.

Well, I mean, she brought it up . . .

Update: by Smitty
RSM may not be aware, but, as an '87 graduate of Franklin HS in Seattle, I am honor-bound to link some Mix-a-Lot upon mention of the man.

(Aside: Whatever happened to rap that understood the 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not take thyself seriously?)
My buddy and I rolled across country in an '82 Chevy Citation. 74 hours, because we were afraid to shut the engine down for longer than required to gas and pour oil in that leaky thang. The whole scene was right out of Anchower. Sir Mix-a-Lot Republican, Hooptie Division.


  1. So THAT'S what leftie bloggers mean when they call me "fat"!

  2. We never said that was all she's got going for her, Stacy.

    She's a beer heiress.

  3. Technically, you would have to personally inspect David Frum's behind as well as Meghan McCain's to accurately verify Jimmie's assertion that Meghan's nice caboose distinguishes her from David. Is that really a mission you're willing to take on? And would the Sir Mix-a-Lot Republicans still respect you in the morning?

  4. On the other hand, it's pretty obvious that Meghan has a better rack than Mr. Frum. As for our esteemed host, I am 100% behind him. (no homo)