Sunday, March 8, 2009

Noted advocate of Big (Republican) Government calls opponents of Big (Democratic) Government 'insane'

You can have anything you want, except less government, says David Brooks:

This is the genius who came up with "National Greatness" -- the notion that the GOP should seek to outbid Democrats in terms of bigger government during good times. So now, of course, with the federal budget a red tide of massive deficits as far as the eye can see, it's "insane" to propose reduction of any federal spending anywhere.

It's OK. The New York Times is in freefall and Brooks will soon be out of work. He's already irrelevant. Kind of hard being a useful idiot who is no longer useful. He beclowns himself.


  1. What an idiot. Reagan (and JFK) knew that we couldn't spend our way out of a depression/recession. Cut taxes. The economy will come back AND the government revenue will go up.

    Every time Republicans try to be Democrat-lite, they LOSE ELECTIONS.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different results.

  2. I love your pieces that attack David Brooks. I read his book "Bobos In Paradise" a few years ago and he's certainly fitting the role of a bobo (bourgeois-bohemian).

  3. Only someone educated far beyond his intelligence could become so sophisticated as to say things so stupid.

  4. "National Greatness." What a concept. How about: National Greatness... Party. Has a sorta nostalgic mid-20th century ring to it, ja?

    What Brooks and his sort fail to understand is that the greatness of America is an aggregate of the greatness of it's individuals, not of it's institutions or it's government. Brooks' nationalism presumes a social basis. It has been tried. Doesn't work.

  5. The correct word for Brooks is ahole. May be someone should send him a copy of The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes. It's not about an era of a president but faulty thinking. Unfortunately enough time has past since the great depression that they want to try the same things that failed because they have forgotten the lessons.

  6. David Brooks is no more a Republican than I am a Democrat. He is the quintessential RINO keeping his job at the crumbling NYT [in worse shape than GM or Chrysler] which hopefully will fold its doors soon.

    The fact is that Obama got 40,000 FEWER votes than John Kerry did in Ohio in the 2004 election. McCain's Democrat-lite RINO candidacy [concocted by the MSM as Rush constantly reminds us] disgusted the sensible part of the center/right majority that persists in US politics.

    All the flimflammery about polls showing Obama's popularity vis-a-vis Rush & the Repubs is simply evidence of Democrat corrupt manipulation of the art of polling. They know how to use and abuse polls far better than the clueless Boehners of the Repub center. John is honest, but out of his depth. Cantor or even Ryan might be a better choice for Minority Leader.

  7. Trying to outbid the Democrats at growing government is like wrestling with a pig. You'll both get dirty, but only one of you will enjoy it.

  8. Brooks is missing the point. Even a spending freeze would leave us with significant deficit spending.