Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Exactly What You Wanted

by Smitty

It really is too easy to heap abuse upon Obama voters. And momma told me not to pick on females of the opposite sex. But really, Megan:
Having defended Obama's candidacy largely on his economic team, I'm having serious buyer's remorse.
I'll post a video URL here. It's SFW, although rather on the crunchy side. Listen to Page Hamilton preach it:
I'm not so good realizing
Who I can or cannot trust
It's best to keep what matters vague
With harmless lies I can adjust ...
I let you down again
What's another harmless lie between friends?
Now you can be disappointed
I thought I gave you just exactly what you wanted


  1. No mercy should be given to anyone who describes themselves as a libertarian and yet voted for Obama.

    Ditto for anyone that calls themselves a conservative and yet endorsed Obama.

    There was more than ample warning that Obama had not an ounce of libertarianism or conservatism in him, that he was nothing more than a socialist/statist whose redistributionist views were completely incompatible with either of those philosophies.

    With that much warning, there is no excuse for drinking the kool-aid, even if the alternatives were guys like McCain or Barr. Accordingly, no quarter should be given to any of them. It was clear who Obama was long ago, they just chose to ignore the obvious.

  2. @thirteen28:
    No quarter may be given them, but they're taking far more than $0.25 via the Congress That Shall Live In Infamy.