Monday, March 9, 2009

David Brooks rumored for book deal: 'How to Lose Influence and Alienate People'

He's at the bottom of a deep hole, but refuses to stop digging, and Kazoolist calls him out for his violation of three principles -- Equality, Liberty and Justice:
David Brooks doesn't share a common outlook on these three American values with conservatives. He's willing to do away with the conservative push for Justice and Liberty for a little Equality. That's not the balance of a conservative, it's the balance of a liberal. Now if only the mainstream media would bring Brooks on their programs under the right label.
Since becoming an ex-Democrat some 15 years ago, I am naturally suspicious of any tribute paid to Equality, since the pursuit of Equality tends to become a totalitarian impulse that obliterates all other values. One can accept the premise that "all men are create equal" only in the sense that Jefferson intended it, but that sense long ago evaporated, replaced with the radical egalitarianism that conceives of people having a right to housing, a right to health care, and so forth.

At any rate, I'm grateful to Kazoolist for his contribution to the cause, nearly as much as I am grateful to those who have contributed to The David Brooks Fisking Fund. Give now: It's For The Children!



  2. David Brooks makes William Kristol look like the publisher of The Spotlight.