Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Doltish Duo

By Smitty

The Reid, Pelosi Swearing Match is just another brick in the wall for The Congress That Shall Live in Infamy. But this brace of boobs didn't just show up in January. No, their consistent non-command of effective leadership is such that there is a body of classic abuse just waiting to be linked.

You, Mr. Reid, are the target of among the more majestic rants I've ever heard:

(Aside: how many new PJTV subscribers would it take to secure a weekly Miller Time segment, one wonders?)

Slightly less caustic in approach is Kristen Wiig's demolition of Nancy Pelosi, just after the 2006 election. This clip is from SNL, and the implication that the House of Representatives is an S'n'M dungeon under her tenure makes it NSFW.

How does that lady keep a straight face while serving up that material?

CWCID: Instapundit


  1. Kristen Wiig is kind of hot.

    Oh forget it... I think she's totally hot.

    - Brian Moore

  2. The Pelosi vid about had me falling out of my chair laughing! Great post!

  3. "How does that lady keep a straight face while serving up that material?"

    That is an excellent question. Every time shed did the facelift eyes, I was faked into thinking she was about to lose it, but she didn't.

  4. @Obi's Sister:
    I knew Nancy wasn't young, but this revelation is shocking...

  5. Thanks for the Dennis Miller video. It almost makes up for that truly awful cthulhu thing you made me watch last week. Still recovering from that.

  6. @pundette:
    The management regrets emotional trauma caused by the video selections embedded within this blog. The responsible parties have been sacked. ;)