Saturday, March 14, 2009


by Smitty

In keeping with the Navy tradition of thrashing unsuspecting words, the post title has been given the DICNAV treatment. Still, the Rule 2 tradition of paying tribute to those who've noticed us goes on.
  • Obi's Sister leads off, for noticing our post about Ari Fleischer returning fire to a "personal lapdog" wannabee. Chris Matthews was rather on the rabid chihuahua end of the lapdog scale, no?
  • Dan Collins over at PW seems to appreciate the local equestrian, Brooksie Frumdreher* III. Joining that crowd is The Chapomatic One.
  • American Power Blog (oh, the shocking Exceptionalism in the name!) echoed RSM's disdain for "progressive Republicans" in APB's Michael Steele roundup.
  • Good justice from the Griffon's Lair. I think the whole "Lord and Messiah" thing has been safely nailed down.
  • Pb'n'Au were golden as they linked that hammering of leaden leftism: How to Hate Feminism.
  • The retro hat tip to Napoleon XIV worked for What'd I Say?
  • Reaching across the aisle, Freedom Democrats level the dreaded "jilted conservative schadenfreude" accusation over The Luxury of Liberaltarianism. It's their party, and they'll cry if they want to. But will their output reach sufficient levels to launch ships? Megan McArdle, lead lamenter, weeps wobustly.
  • "Gimme" Moe Lane found a theological angle on Douthat's new gig.
  • Caught the eye of The Liberty Papers for ripping Brooks. Just because a target is relatively easy does not negate the aerobic exercise value of ripping it.
  • The lovely S. Logan admires this blog, as well. Her plea for attention packaged as a cry for solitude is a tour de force. However, as the driver of an '02 PT Cruiser, I take umbrage at having the car in the background of a commode photo. Ms. Logan, couldn't we stage the shot with a 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 next time?
  • Fausta enjoyed the Camille: Shush post, but one minor detail bears correction: RSM isn't the balding old squid. That would be me. She's no less beautiful for having linked the post, however.
  • Taking things in a metaphorically cannibalistic direction, Jenn Q. Public alluded to this post in her summary of the red-on-red action.

*Not all of the genealogy has been explored (or will likely ever be made public), but it appears that dreher is German for "lathe operator", whereas "frum" means something akin to "moron working the wrong end of the material" in the Schwäbisch dialect. Stay tuned to this blog for occasional installments of the basketball-esque rise and fall of the Frumdrehers, that great American political dynasty.