Monday, March 9, 2009

Idiot liberal guy: 'I take it back, because she's a hottie'

"Clearly, a perceived sexual orientation bias by someone else is akin to blasphemy, but blatant sexism when they're the ones dishing it out? Well, that's just par for the liberal course."
-- Clever S. Logan, in response to an idiot who rescinded his condemnation of her alleged "homophobia" after seeing her photo

(See, this is my fundamental career problem. I'm too ugly to merit an apology from anyone.)

UPDATE: William Jacobson has decided to help mentor the Minions of Evil. Which means he also must give some Rule 2 to Moe Unique Hits. They come as a pair, Bill. (I can never resist a double-entendre.) It's OK to employ the Rule 5 effect with Logan, but don't deny Moe her FMJRA.


  1. I have lost track of the Rules at this point, so I will have to rely upon the intent of the drafter as to what is required, as from time to time revealed in his speakings.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, other McC! You made it into Update II.