Sunday, March 8, 2009

The sadistic pleasure of 'progressivism'

Remember when Eliot Spitzer's anti-capitalist crusades made him a darling of the "progressive" Left?
"I was never fully undressed. He was naked. He was perspiring a lot. He was holding me down. He pinned me to the bed. That didn't bother me. But when he grabbed my throat, that was too much. I remember trying to push myself up off the bed, which made him apply more pressure. I've never been worried about my safety, but I was really concerned."
Strangling hookers. Something symbolic there, eh?


  1. A high-end call girl? Hmm. Doesn't that imply that there exists low-end call girls? If there exists low-end call girls, and those girls may be aware that they belong to a group that is "low," wouldn't pointing out the difference in quality between low and high be, well, a slap to the face of low-end, working girls?

    Progessives! Ha!

  2. well, it's not that effective if you try to strangle yourself..


    not that I would know anything about that..

  3. Eliot Spitzer is one person who cannot possibly be kicked enough while he's down.

    Let's keep kicking. Hard.

  4. I still find McGreevey's regular meet-ups at TGIFriday's with his wife and his young male aide before they retired for a threesome much more soul-chilling and depressing.

    The governor, his wife, his aide, and TGIFriday's. And then, deviant cover-up sex.

    I don't think I can ever eat there again.


  5. You forgot "Slate Contributor" in your headline, Stacy.

  6. Though it is disturbing how much Spitzer looks like Gollum.