Wednesday, March 11, 2009

About the blogroll

For the second time in as many days, I've gotten the question, "Hey, why am I not on your blogroll yet?"

Short answer: I'm lazy.

Longer answer: I'm lazy and scatter-brained, and sometimes am under the mistaken impression I added you to the blogroll months ago.

Mea culpa. Will try to pay closer attention in the future.


  1. Mr. McCain,

    I am honored to be on your blogroll. Thanks!

  2. With that in mind, THANKS for adding me, R.S.

    Now can you update the link? :) I moved yesterday to WordPress.


    Thank you, sir. And thanks for the continued quality reading.

  3. I've been waiting patiently since meeting you at CPAC. So now I'm gonna whine - Stacy, why haven't you added me to your blogroll?

  4. Yeah, how am I gonna know that I matter in this life without your help? Add me ironically, per one of your previous commenters. It will increase your cred with the Indy crowd.

  5. It will increase your cred with the Indy crowd.

    Look, Sweethips, let Crazy Cousin John and his idiot daughter worry about "the Indy crowd." I roll with the right-wingers. Now, back to the glory hole with you. My arms are too tired for more punk-smacking today.

  6. Dude, block my admittedly sweet ass out of your thoughts for at least five minutes. Other commenters are making me nervous...