Friday, October 16, 2009

Her Daily Beastliness

No such thing as bad publicity, they say in show business, and certainly Little Miss Overprivileged shows a flair for exploitating her horrid notoriety:
On Wednesday, I posted a hastily taken self-portrait on Twitter—which I thought was funny and silly—and within a few hours I had caused a minor media scandal. . . .
So why all this Sturm und Drang?
Could it be it's because I have breasts? . . .
Yada, yada, yada. "Everybody feel sorry for me! I'm a woman and I'm a victim!"

Being the first conservative blogger to comment in depth on my idiot cousin's self-inflicted controversy, allow me to reiterate the obvious: It was not Meghan's possession of large breasts, nor her display thereof, which has been the object of criticism. Rather, it was her childish online tantrum -- "getting the f**k off Twitter," she whined -- in reaction to online rudeness that enhanced her laughingstock status. As I wrote at The American Spectator:
Ironically, her egoistic episode began when Miss Meghan posted a photo of herself holding a book about Andy Warhol, the pop artist whose best-known aphorism was, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." Meghan's 15 minutes have long since expired and if she is stupid enough to follow through on last night's impulsive threat to quit Twittering -- 50,000 subscribers is an enviable readership for online promotion -- the world will have another laugh at her expense.
She personifies the phony victimhood of the Oprah Age, where the affluent and comfortable seek fame by boo-hooing about the trivial misfortunes of their spectacularly easy lives. Let's hear from Jenn Q. Public:
No one is forcing Meghan McCain to endure the trials and tribulations of fame. . . .There's no invisible rider on the First Amendment that promises to protect the thin-skinned from vile and demeaning criticism.
Meghan's Twitter feed is full of "motherf**king sh*t," as is her otherwise empty skull. That one hears ugly rumors about her from Young Republican types -- well, "sources say" many things, none of them flattering, but perhaps they have malicious motives.

Certainly, it would be libelous if someone were to state as a fact that Meghan is a pushover after four margaritas (and that she never stops at three). Yet my attorney assures me that for purely humorous purposes, there would be nothing actionable were anyone were to react to Ms. McCain's column title, "Don't Call Me a Slut," by quoting Elizabethan literature.
The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
-- Hamlet, Act III, Scene 2
One blogger described me as having made "vicious and mean attacks." Heh. I'm just making jokes. Or rather, Meghan McCain is a joke, and I'm just pointing it out.

And remember: NO FAT JOKES!


  1. Raging feminist that I am, I can't muster up much indignation on Meghan McCain's behalf over this incident.

    It's not a matter of a double standard; men would be subjected to ridicule if they were to show the male equivalent of large breasts (i.e. a small dick) on the internet. It's a matter of having some decency and self-respect. It's rather strange to see some women (young and old) offloading their responsibility for basic self-respect onto other people.

  2. Considering that she is always insulting others, she is in no position to complain about it.

  3. My problem with McCain is that she deliberately set up a shot that purposely positioned herself as a sexual object, and then whined and threw a hissy fit when commenters treated her like a sexual object.

    She planted her boobage front and center in that photo, no mistake, then refused to own same boobage when called on it.

    It isn't that she posted a boob shot, it's her hypocrisy in denying that she posted a boob shot. It's her hypocrisy of intentionally posting a "sexy shot" and then playing stupid after receiving negative attention.

    McCain is the typical young bimbo who views herself through the eyes of men. One has only to look at the hundreds of comments of men slobbering over her photos to see just what her purpose was in staging that pic.

    She likes to say she's secure with her body, but her actions smack of a very insecure female.

  4. I can not stand any of the liberal liars of the McCain Clan. Which is why I voted for Barr. BTW no regrets.

    Stacy carries the clan name but he is neither liberal no a liar(at least to my knowledge). I see him as a MacCracken or a Macgregor not a McCain.
    I would be very happy to never hear or see any of the McCains again. Wont happen but I can dream.

    Rod Stanton

  5. Has she quit Twitter yet, in protest to how everyone was treating her for sticking her boobs in the camera? Or is she just going to take the shirt off and get it over with?

  6. Chuckles "#69" Johnson can't read and he's too scared of boobies to click the Anderson ad:

    #69 Charles

    Today at Robert Stacy McCain's hate site, he's attacking Meghan McCain's breasts.

    While running an ad for a sleazy Pamela Anderson porn video.


  7. Meghan is young and like many young people they lean left. I admit I was a lunatic liberal back in college. I think it took 4 years of Jimmy Carter to deprogram me from that cult. Meghan is actually less liberal than I was and , while she does have some flaws in her political views, she can be saved. We need to stop attacking her and we need to intervene. Perhaps a reality show called " Political Intervention" where we can help families rescue these young misguided people? I am confident as Meghan ages she will become more conservative. This happens to most people as they gain experience and knowledge. So I propose the Stacy McCain Reality Intervention show.

  8. Do you think using the asteriks classes you up? Hint: it doesn't. If you want to curse, take off the girdle and curse.

  9. Meghan should be a daily topic. You could call it "The Daily Breast". Surely the girl does something at least once a day that is snicker-worthy. She's too stupid not to.

  10. Remember, Meghan is one of the few women in the world with an unlimited supply of free Budweiser at her beck and call. Could explain the attitude, the breast shot, the Tourette's-flavored Twitter postings and the reputation.

  11. And The Boob Goes On...

    Check out: FLY ME TO THE BOOBS [Meghan McCain's Boobs, that is] and see if you can answer the question.

  12. Anonymous @ Fri Oct 16, 01:55:00 PM said: "Chuckles "#69" Johnson can't read and he's too scared of boobies to click the Anderson ad:"

    What Charles (geez, my dick is freaking TINY)Johnson fails to understand is that Pamela Anderson sticks her ginormous boobage into the camera, smiles and.....DOESN'T WHINE if people make rude comments (or any comments at all) about her boobs.

    Miss Meggie, on the other hand, shoves those puppies into the camera, smiles seductively, and then WHINES and acts shocked & dismayed when people make comments about her... *ahem*... assets.

    Meggie's a tw*t, Chuckles - just like you.

  13. Stacy:

    "Certainly, it would be libelous if someone were to state as a fact that Meghan is . . . . ."

    What filthy, cheap, pig of a man you are. The worst kind of [*****] trash.

    To adapt an argument made elsewhere in this thread, if you simply admited you were a venal and disgusting dirtpile, simply interested in lucre-generating and self-aggrandizing pageviews, that would be fine.

    But you're supposed to be advancing conservative principles?

  14. her biggest issue is her self-importance. the way I figure it is that she figure's she's got her mantle to go out and try to do something she sees has useful and right and as the daughter of a "respected" US Senator there is the platform.

    The problem is she's also a 20-something who wants to go out and be that 20-something and get the adoring attention which young adults desire to be important. She can't separate the professional platform from the "after-work" platform because both aspects are who she is... its her life and they blend too close to each other.

    I think she's a twit for saying what people should believe and she's using her youth as a knowledging cludgle. I'm within her age group... I don't remember the cloak of youth giving myself that aire of authenticity.

    I'm willing to believe she's a girl who is racing out there with her heart to do what she thinks is good and positive but she runs with her heart and not philosophy and cannot separate the private (off-hours) from the public (working-hours). Bottom line is she was attention seeking and it wasn't the attention she was looking for. Somebody who doesn't care and is comfortable with themselves doesn't go out seeking attention like that... presumably because they're comfortable with what they are getting for attention or again... just doesn't care.

    I think the people who see "slut" are morons... the word "twit" works just fine. Why should I be impressed that a girl can wear a tight black dress?

  15. Ye are now henceforth dubbed "The Udder McCain"- LOL