Wednesday, October 14, 2009

L.A. Times art critic beyond parody

OK, when he makes Michelangelo's study of classic Greco-Roman statuary analogous to Alma Thomas copying Henri Matisse, you know Christopher Knight is full of crap. But then there's this:
And if the Obamas had chosen a Michelangelo for the Lincoln bedroom, the right-wing screamers would still have yelled. Because for them, it isn't about the art; it's about scorched-earth politics -- about not giving the president an inch, and about lying or fabricating or just pretending to be knowledgeable if necessary. And with Google and the great, bubbling Internet swamp at their cloven fingertips, they can fantasize all kinds of foaming fictions about art.
Via Brian Ledbetter at Snapped Shot. Don't feel bad if you're tempted to believe that "Christopher Knight" is a pseudonym for Charles Johnson.

In an age of unfathomable madness, sometimes the craziest hunches make more sense than "reasonable" explanations.

UPDATE: The world gets crazier. Most days, Memeorandum doesn't even link Ace of Spades HQ. As of 8:58 a.m.? Top of the page, baby. And 500+ comments.

And notice Allahpundit links Ace's takedown of LGF with a reference to "my moral superiors in the blogosphere." That's just it, you see? What Mad King Charles is doing -- the exposé of Rush's supposedly "secret" racism -- is an assertion of moral and intellectual superiority.

The crusading "anti-racist" accuser in such a situation is in fact proclaiming a message about himself: "Not only am I not a racist, but I am endowed with the superior insight and laudable courage to identify and denounce the hidden racism of others. Admire me!"

Charles Johnson: Philanthropic Humanitarian? Laughably implausible, which is your big clue that CJ is actually doing Something Else.

If you really want to understand this "liberal crusader" mentality, go read The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy, by that notorious hater, Thomas Sowell.


  1. With Audrey done and dusted her followers have migrated to,if it were possible,a even worse site "Bree Palin" where they carry on the mad conspiracy theory."Bree Palin " has unearthed a video which is the "smoking gun" that proves beyond doubt that Palin faked her pregancy.Beyond doubt because even Andrew Sullivan has linked to it.You come in for particular venom as having been proven wrong-you "nasty piece of work"_ and they have the last laugh.I think "Bree Palin" now deserves to undergo the same exposure as Audrey/Gryphen-don't you think? Yes-please go for it.This should get you into action... "Anonymous said...
    I think a special "appreciation" needs to go to the nasty piece of work who sent serious threats Audrey's way in attempting to silence further exposure of this surreal chain of events. The result, of course, was the redoubling of efforts to uncover a smoking gun--and here you have it. I hope our self-satisfied right-wing blogger thug has gotten an e-mail alert, followed by a visit from the authorities. Surely this should put a stop to the scary charade from the squawky mom in lipstick.

    September 27, 2009 7:29

  2. Johnson doesn't write near that well.

  3. Charles Johnson??? Charles Johnson??? Rings a bell. Doesn't he have a site called Little Green Douchebags?

  4. Cloven fingertips? What a bag of douche.

  5. Dan beat me to it. "Cloven fingertips", indeed!

    This is quite astonishingly bad writing. If you're going to go in for florid polemics, it's essential, among other things, to avoid creating the impression that you simply dumped all your metaphors into a blender, and the self-delusion that customers are likely to line up for the resulting insipid juice.


  6. I am for blocking Anna Wintour from owning an NFL team too!

    And Charles Johnson likes to have sex with young goats, young male goats, or so I have been told. That is not verified but a lot of people think he likes it.

  7. I would love to see a President Palin just to see the Secret Service and the FBI take these dangerous nutters out.

  8. Joe is is actually "Morgan" the Moderator of "Palin's Deceptions" who is the goat lover.She actually poses with the young male goat on her web page-not conjecture in that case,