Saturday, October 17, 2009

Conservative Doug Hoffman slams Scozzafava in guest-blog at Malkin

The Conservative Party candidate in NY-23 whacks that RINO right between her beady little eyes:
I don’t think conservatives will be fooled. The more they learn about Dede Scozzafava, the worse she does in the polls. And the more they learn about my campaign, the better we do.
We can win this thing, but we're up against limited time and an awful RNC and NRCC decision to support a liberal candidate.
Well, if the Republican Party wants to declare war against conservatives, I'm going to fight on the side of conservatives.
If you want to join my fight, I need you. We need money and we need volunteers – boots on the ground. If you can help, go to my website and sign up. Then show up.
It’s time for conservatives to show the Republican establishment who's in charge.
Not just "yes," sir, but "Hell, yes!"

Trust me: Very Important People might make this The Mother Of All Showdowns with the RINO sellouts in the GOP Establishment. Lipstick, baby.

Full background on this crucial campaign at The American Spectator. I'm planning to travel to upstate New York in the coming week to cover the final push toward the Nov. 3 election. But before you hit my tip jar, be sure you hit Doug Hoffman's tip jar first.


  1. Dan Riehl had a bit of a different spin on this. Didn't like that Hoffman was saying mean things about the poor RINO. I like your take better - Dan just makes my head hurt...

  2. I'm glad to see your support for Hoffman. Just learned about this story yesterday. Time to send a message to the GOP. This is the perfect opportunity. Conservatives: put your money where your mouth is!

  3. The reason Dede Scozzafava, won't get support from Conservatives, everyone knows the position on Amnesty.

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio, under attack from the Federal Government for doing his job.

    Phoenix Arizona Kidnapping Capitol of the U.S.A. Homeland security playing politics with American’s safety?

  4. Dan seems like he is blaming the messenger. I am not so naive to think third party candidates are going to automatically be better. I suspect we will find that they tend to be just as weak as Democrat and Republican candidates. But I still like the idea of waking up the powers that be in the GOP (especially in advance of the 2010 and 2012 elections).

  5. Mad King Charles JohnsonSat Oct 17, 02:56:00 PM

    Stacy, you dirty white supremacist racist southern Geller supporter, you might have to face up to...


    Look at my comic and weep in fear and terror.

    Chuck Johnson, Race Detective!

    Tour my empire and fear my wrath.

  6. What pisses me off the most is that Newt is supporting this Rino Scabarfvazzaa.

    The repukelican party has lost all of my support.

    Ans yes, I sent Hoffman duckets earlier this week. Thanks Michelle!! Your HOT!!! SSSSSSSS!!

  7. I found out about this AFTER I got back from the 7th District Roundup. Probably just as well, I would have made the Secret Service nervous if I had confronted Cantor about this face to face. This is a great reason to replace Cantor.