Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Heard 'Round the World!

Allahpundit kept his powder dry for weeks, held his fire until the right moment, and then this evening -- discussing the less-than-stellar re-launch of GOP.com -- he finally touched the fire to the wick:
Oh, and apologies to LGF on behalf of our "wingnut blog" for failing to cover this sooner. Granted, there were not one but two items about it sitting in Headlines for hours, but when a site that gave up blogging about Iran and the New York City terror plot to focus on the urgent threat from creationism tells you you’re falling down on the job, you listen.
OK, so all the people who have been ragging on Allah in the Hot Air comment threads now owe him a huge apology. Whatever wrong Allah has done in the past, you've got to wipe the slate clean after that one.

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them . . . and they shall not escape.
-- I Thessalonians 5:3 KJV
Thus does the Hindenberg-at-Lakehurst implosion of LGF occur, as Darleen Click finds Mad King Charles using the fake-but-accurate standard against Rush Limbaugh.

Remember how long Pamela Geller had to wait for her vindication, and never doubt for a minute that those who sow the wind shall reap the whirlwhind.


UPDATE: Dan Riehl joins the Bwaaahahahahaha Chorus:
I know Charles Johnson has denied ever performing oral sex on a lizard. But . . .
And you just knew the AOSHQ Morons were going to have a field day.


  1. I will do my best to wangle a plenary indulgence for AP.

  2. I know I rofl'ed... but with as much undeserved trashing as Charles has been giving Hot Air lately, they were bound to reply sooner or later.

    (Hey Charles... remember when you used to whine about other people treating your COMMENTERS as if they were representative of your BLOG? How's it feel being on the other side of that equation, jackass?)

    Keep up the awesome work, Stacy!


  3. I'm glad AP finally took aim at CJ.

    Granted it is like shooting fish in a barrel (I mean CJ was one of the original Birthers).

    But still, kudos to him

  4. Good for Allah! LGF is yesterday's news. Anyone who had a brain and something intelligent to say has been banned or just quit posting. Happy now Charles?

  5. I just issued this final comment from my barely used LGF account:

    > "There will be no retraction. The quote is disputed,
    > but it has not been proven false." -- Charles Johnson

    Apparently, Charles Johnson now bans people for quoting Charles Johnson. :-)

  6. It has been something like 2 years since I even looked at CJ's site. It was the crap about Creationism that turned me off. I am not a Creationist since being a good Catholic who had a great education I accept evolution, and I accept that Genesis gives a simple explanation but it is not a science textbook :). That being said CJ just went too far over time and I was turned off by his rants....

  7. LGF and his minions of pasty faced liars like Kejda need to get the boot. John Podhoretz, why are you employing such a loser, dump her.