Monday, October 12, 2009

Why bother wasting hate on Obama?

by Smitty

The Anchoress has a great post: Why don't you "hate" Obama?

The gist of the Anchoress's post is the comparison method of Obama policies vs. the sadly similar policies of the Bush administration.

Cut that noise out.

You're playing straight into the Progressive hand. If they can get you to buy the premise that the centralization of everything is acceptable, they've won. All Your Wallets Are Belong To Us, speaketh the Federal Pharoah. It makes scant difference whether the name of the nitwit is suffixed with (D) or (R).

Young 4 Eyes will pop in here, laugh at the sudden consciousness of the danger, and then say "suck it, conservatives". I'll even allow this blog's favorite leftist troll a point: we've been asleep at the wheel since Reagan departed the pattern. And Ronnie didn't go far enough in trimming the Federal kudzu, either. So, fine. I'll buy you a cuppa Starbucks.

But let's not go wasting breath hating anything. Let us instead re-discover the wisdom of the Constitution's chain of command, so sadly sodomized since the Progressive era planted the seeds of this quasi-aristocracy we call modern liberalism, and the GOP played right along.

We'll indulge in a breach of Bonham's Law and let Hetfield deliver the final word:


  1. Amen, amen, and amen! When "conservatives" argue for the right of the Federal government to conduct warrantless "sneak-and-peek" searches, or to imprison American citizens without benefit of a trial based on suspicion, or to impose national standards over local schools, what's to stop leftists from using those new powers against us for their own evil purposes? That is, other than their sense of gratitude to us?

    Even neocon chatterbox Sean Hannity finally got it when he warned this April that, "If you disagree with that liberal path that President Obama's taken the country down, you may soon catch the attention of the Department of Homeland Security." As you say, by supporting the centralization of power, we're "playing straight into the Progressive hand."

  2. Great point & music!

  3. I don't hate Obama. I see him as an idealistic liberal who is way in over his head. I do hate, however, what he is doing or trying to do to the country.

  4. @Stogie,
    The point I'm making is that BHO is just another brick in the wall. His vision is a shared abomination that has festered for decades.

  5. He's a puppet. Nothing more, nothing less.

  6. Obama's War Frontline PBS Oct 13th Video Marines.

    Does this mean PBS is now an arm of the Republican Party?

  7. I understand your point, Smitty, but before you get leftists to exit the Matrix and fight against it, you must first get them to undertand they're in the Matrix in the first place, or you're wasting your time. I think that's what the Anchoress is trying to do. Of course, the commenters I have in mind on her site are basically saying "leave me alone and let me enjoy my nice juicy steak". So you see the problem. She, and we, are gonna need a bigger cluebat.