Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wait 'til Sharmuta sees this . . .

Just noticed that I'm included on Steve Sailer's Notorious Blogroll O' Hate, along with crypto-fascist Mickey Kaus, ultra-paleo Daniel Larison, neo-Canadian Kathy Shaidle and pseudo-hypocrite Jeremy Lott.

Thanks, Steve. Owe you one, my Flemish comrade.

UPDATE: Warning! Major Coffee-Spew Hazard! Do Not Click The Image Below Unless You Are Prepared For Serious BWAAAHAHAHAHA!


  1. Dude your a freak of course you are on the list. it would be news if you weren't. Like a pointed out you are freak.

  2. Charles is gay

  3. But Sailer is racist!!!!!!

    Nah. He's one of the most erudite and exciting writers working today (however limited that may be, considering he is persona non grata within the media establishment). If he didn't talk frankly and honestly about race, sex, and class, he'd be one of the successful writers in America. Unfortunately, the man chose to be interesting instead of banal.

  4. Stacy,
    I visited lgf yesterday for the first time in months.
    I will never,ever visit again.
    "Un-freaking-hinged" is the word that best describes what is going on over there.
    best wishes and keep up the fire.