Saturday, October 17, 2009

Start spreadin' the news . . .

. . . no, I'm not leaving today, but it most definitely is up to you, upstate New York:
"We've just been deluged with stuff," said Rob Ryan, media coordinator for Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman, whose congressional campaign in upstate New York's 23rd District has "surged" in recent days. . . .
In the past week, the three-way contest in the Nov. 3 special election has suddenly become America's most-watched campaign this fall, generating massive attention from reporters and commentators nationwide. The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, Fox News, the Weekly Standard and scores of political blogs are following this campaign as a bellwether that could have major impact on the electoral landscape heading into the 2010 congressional mid-terms.
"This election is going to be a referendum on two things," Ryan said in a telephone interview Friday evening. "First, it's going to be a referendum on the first 10 months of the Obama administration. And second, it's going to be a referendum on the future of the Republican Party."
Read the whole 1,200-word thing, and look for more blog coverage at Memeorandum.

Early this morning I had a phone conversation with the mysterious Aleister of American Glob, who not only speaks fluent Belgian, but also is very excited about my plans to travel to upstate New York this coming week and apply some old-fashioned shoe-leather to campaign coverage of the NY23 showdown.

This is clearly the kind of story where being on the scene counts, and Aleister wants to meet me somewhere around Albany, bring his video camera, and do some serious reporting. So, after you've hit the tip jar for $50 or $100 at the Hoffman campaign site, please try to find an extra $5, $10 or $20 for the Shoe Leather Fund.


  1. As I say on the blog today, When it takes 3 tries for a candidate to declare they will run as a republican in 2010. Odds are you have the wrong candidate.

  2. Stacy, how about asking Conservatives in New York and The Beltway, where they were at 3 years ago when Bob Smither was running for the Tom DeLay US House seat, as a Libertarian, with no Republican on the ballot.

    Recall DeLay resigned without time for the GOP to name a replacement. But fortunately, a conservative-leaning Libertarian, a local crime fighting hero in fact, was still on the ballot on the 3rd party ticket.

    Top Libertarian Republicans, like Bobby Eberle, Rex Lamb, even the Chair of the local College Republicans, implored the Harris & Ft. Bend County GOPs to endorse Smither.

    Instead they decided to come up with a cockamamie write-in plan, with predictable results, for some loser named Shelly Sekula-Gibbs.

    Result: We lost the seat for two years to Democrat Nick Lampson.

    Note - Smither had publicly pledged to "Caucus with the GOP if he was elected.

    The hypocrisy of Conservatives in this Hoffman deal is stunning! Where were they 3 years ago in the Smither race??

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  4. So just when things are looking good for Republicans, they decide to run a liberal Republican who won the Margaret Sanger award in a heavily Roman Catholic conservative district.

    These are the kind of strategists you want to play poker with.

    Meanwhile Rush talks about being railroaded on "alleged" racial comments that never took place. Thought crimes and such. I am sure Stacy can relate.

  5. Just donated to Hoffman. Michelle Malkin is pulling for him too.

    I would respectfully and politely ask the owner of this blog to please put the word out to as many blogs as possible (they'll listen to you faster than they'll listen to me) to support this guy.

  6. The GOP idiots might want to also keep an eye on Sarah Palin book sales. I've not donated to the GOP since I got laid off but also because McCain has been supporting RINOs among other idiocy. But, I did pre-order Palin's book. Their stupidity in this race only hardens my opposition to supporting them.