Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why is Troglopundit everbody's scapegoat for Wisconsin's loss to Ohio State?

Are all Wisconsinians acromegalic blog whores? If I ridicule Troglopundit's shameless blogwhoring by posting a funny picture of a cute woodland creature, does that mean that I'm prejudiced against Wisconsinians? (Wisconsinites? Wisconsinistas? What the heck kind of morons would name their state "Wisconsin" anyhow? No wonder the Packers suck and the Badger defense gives up 25 points a game. BTW, what kind of morons would name their football team "Badgers"?)

Well, regardless of anything I've said here, I cannot be accused of hating every resident of Wisconsin merely because of one lame joke at the expense of a blogger who is to Milwaukee what Godzilla was to Tokyo.

To make such an absurd assertion would be even more stupid than the average UW-Madison coed. It would be as stupid as that liberal idiot at Sadly No claiming that Tammy Bruce is a racist. And surely the freakishly tall Troglopundit is not that stupid. Maybe Sean Hackbarth but . . .

At any rate, the assertion that Wisconsin produces only stupid bloggers is perhaps prejudicial, as is the claim that there are no sexy women bloggers in Wisconsin.

Just because I haven't seen any Wisconsin women bloggers posting sexy pictures of themselves cannot be considered proof that all women bloggers in Wisconsin are fat, hairy, buck-toothed and cross-eyed, no matter what Minnesota's Ed Morrissey says about them.


  1. Sometimes a raccoon is really just a raccoon.

  2. Stacy, Don't you pick on Ann Althouse. Don't you do it.

  3. As for other predictable things:

    Olympia Snowe wins the award again.

    Call me when she does something unpredictable.

  4. Wisconsin....what about Sheboygan...come on.

  5. This is an excellent post. John Stewart is on fire, skewering CNN. Chickaboomer does ask an interesting exit question, isn't Anderson Cooper a Capricorn? I think John Oliver is my new, fake news hero GRIN.


  6. Sorry, but Wisconsin never had a chance against Buckeye Nation

  7. I don't know if she blogs, but this hot, race-car-driving female Wisconsin-ITE does twitter:


    BTW the Packers don't suck. They're just not very good. There's a difference, you see.

  8. Please tell me that you don't think that racoon is a badger?

  9. We're all racists now.

  10. What the heck kind of morons would name their state "Wisconsin" anyhow?

    Wisconsin is an Indian word meaning something akin to 'meeting of rivers.' Stacy's criticism again proves he is a raaaaacist White supremacist!

    'Badgers' actually refers to the hard working Wisconsin miners getting the lead out.

    Alabama is also of Indian origin. They were a tribe of Okies from Muskogee. Their sports teams are named after highly toxic sea water.

    Thomas Sowell, in Conquest and Cultures, talks specifically about Stacy's ancestors in Alabama.

    The fringe of British civilization from which they came was notable not only for its poverty and backwardness, but also for its lawlessness and violence. [...] By then, however, many people from this region had already immigrated to America (Alabama) where the old traditions of violence survived, long after they were suppressed in Britain. [...] Law being too tenuous to rely upon in such places, people developed patterns of settling differences by personal fighting and family feuds. The Ulster Scots and borderers (McCains) brought these distinctive cultural patterns to the United States in general and to the South in particular. ...these common people of the more rural or backcountry regions were known as "crackers" and "rednecks" in Britain, even before they migrated to the American South. (Alabama)

  11. As a former Wisconsin blogger...I resemble that! :P Um.......not the sexy part...the other. sigh....