Friday, October 16, 2009

Some jobs The Boss does best

"No mention . . .
"No mention . . .
"No mention . . ."

Right. And no mention of a lot of other things that I'd like to mention, but won't or can't, because only liberals are allowed to discuss stuff like that. Liberals endlessly boast about their own tolerance and enlightenment, taking turns giving each other awards, while denouncing the rest of humanity as hateful and benighted.

Liberals never have to worry about anyone questioning their sincerity and bona fides, because if you publicly question the good faith of liberals . . .

Well, don't forget: There are 5 A's in raaaaacism.

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  1. If anything, Obama's story would be an argument against coming out as an interracial couple (as if there is even anything to "come out" about; such things are often obvious): his parents weren't exactly the perfect, stable couple who just happened to be be of different ancestries. Obama himself also ignores the fact that he is half-Caucasian, thus negating any idea that he's integrated both elements of his ancestry together or formed an interracial marriage with Michelle. (Contrary to what his supporters think, he cannot be both the oppressed black who hates white America and the well-adjusted interracial child.)

    Michelle forgot to mention Sarah Palin, married to a half-Eskimo - a fact that the mainstream media and liberal establishment did its best to ignore while smearing her as a racist hillbilly.

    By the way, Stacy, what does a woman have to do to get her comments posted immediately? Do you moderate everything?