Friday, October 16, 2009

Technorati Re-grade

by Smitty
"Son, it'll feel better when it quits hurting."
It appears that Hopium, Changeeba and the Shovel Ready Project have reached Technorati. This blog's tireless efforts to popularize and enhance their prestige in the blogosphere have been met with a chorus of crickets at Technorati HQ. Their vastly different and seemingly incomplete feature set is going to set back our efforts at composing an FMJRA for tomorrow. Also, in the East, rose the sun.

There will be an FMJRA tomorrow, or my name is not Throckmorton Q. Bugglethwiddy. However, its quality is dependent on a little more audience precipitation than usual. Rain your URLs on me at Smitty for inclusion, bitte.

UPDATE (RSM): Indeed, the "new, improved" Technorati doth suck. As with Windows "upgrades," it appears that Technorati has adopted the philosophy, "If it's not broke, fix it until it breaks."


  1. Yeah ... Technorati has rendered themselves about useless. Oh, well ...

  2. What good is Technorati anymore? Really, it just sucks right out loud.

  3. Dear Crazed Right-Wing Gun-Toting Lunatic White Supremacist Teabagger Mean Jerks,

    After receiving over 750 million emails from thirteen accounts centered on one Bay Area IP address, we've come to the conclusion that our "authority" system, based as it was on reciprocal links and overall readership, amounted to nothing more than a biased, paternalistic, racially-charged meritocracy. (You guys don't like the HuffPo!?!?!)

    We've taken steps to correct our past mistakes, and hope that you will find our new system far more equitable and compassionate. Equal links for equal posts, friends!


    Technorati ^_^

    DISCLAIMER: The above is a work of fiction. I swear.