Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meghan McCain and her f***ing sh*t

Because the lying, biased, liberal MSM is shamelessly trying to steal the Meghan McCain boobs Google-bomb from me, I've been forced to fight back. No MSM punk will beat me on Meghan McCain cleavage or Meghan McCain breast, either. That's just how I roll.

However, lest someone mistakenly think that there is any disrespect involved here -- please, NO FAT JOKES! -- you need to be reminded that this is actually a tribute to Meghan's preferred mode of discourse on Twitter:

My adrenalin is still pumping and I think I left nail marks in Ramins arm!!! What the f*ck paranormal experience?!?
McCainBlogette #4774678638

Babs is my fav character on entourage, I like her all black suits, super blonde hair and take no sh*t attitude - hey wait... :-
McCainBlogette #3660989193

insomnia is such a motherf*cker, 3:45 whose not sleeping? yeah me...where my fellow Lestats at? shout out to those that dont sleep!!!!!
McCainBlogette #3508781165

Love guys who appreciate when I say mother f*cker even if sometimes I have a bow in my hair when saying it
McCainBlogette #3339829829

my life exactly the way I want to. Just because my family is in politics doesn't mean I have to act like it! that s*it is so boring...
McCainBlogette #2926152783

tweet my mom @cindyhm1 and ask her to tell you about the crazy person who sh*t talked me to her! talkin smack about a daughter 2 a mother
McCainBlogette #2833367886
And, finally, just to remind you:
chill people, I don't give a f*ck about @michellemalkin
McCainBlogette #3180554274
When Little Miss Overprivileged Victim started whining because of mean comments, throwing a Twitter fit and saying she was "getting the f**k off Twitter," I doubt she expected her own nasty f**king sh*t to come flying back in her face. But as they say down home, "Payback is a motherf**ker, b*tch."

(Hat-tip: Jim Treacher, whose blog is cleverly called Jim Treacher's Blog That Is On The Internet.)

Some overdue Rule 2 action on this:
Link up, bloggers, and we'll link back. And if you feel the urge to hit the tip jar, don't fight the feeling, b*tches.

UPDATE: Great. I began the smackdown nearly 24 hours ago, but did Memeorandum link me? Oh, no. ABC News and the Christian Science Monitor -- yeah, that's the real blogosphere, man. I feel so . . . excuse me, I get these Glenn Beck moments sometimes . . .

No, don't worry about me. I'll be all right. As long as I have Villainous Company linking me, I'll be fine.

UPDATE II: CNN shows my blog with Pamela Anderson ad (2:15), madcap hijinks ensue:

This is my Navin Johnson moment: "The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!" New blog slogan: "As misrepresented on CNN!"

BTW, there was a discussion on Twitter, in which I had to clarify that I never called Meghan a "slut" for showing her boobs. It was her whiny reaction to the criticism that was the target of my commentary.

And, just for the record: I am pro-boobies -- not matter what Charles Johnson says. (Lies! All lies!)


  1. What a little jerk...She talks like a liberal and her IQ is reflected in her language.

  2. Daddy needs to sit down and have The Talk with her about how we don't misuse God's gift of profanity. I'm sure Senator McCain learned to curse properly.

  3. I try to give her the benefit of the doubt, but honestly, is she that dumb? And if politics are so boring, then here's a novel idea... don't write about them! Good God. We'd all be a lot better off, minus the sweety, juicy traffic.

  4. I think you're "milking" this, Robert.

  5. Meggie is a brilliant reflection of her parents, I'm afraid. This is no teenager. This isn't even a rebellious twenty-something. This is what Mommy and Daddy think is adorable, I have no doubt.

    Says a lot.

  6. I get no linky-love? WTF, Smitty and Mr. McCain? Well, luckily I'm not as rude to you and didn't discriminate. You're linked at

  7. Remember, when she pulled the "don't you know who I am" when they wouldn't let one of her pals in without a ticket to the WHCA dinner? Absolutely no class.

  8. Fake hair draped all sexy-like over the shoulder - check.

    Got the "sexy-pout-sexy-face" going on- check.

    Push-up bra working soooo overtime that my boobies have their very own fat rolls - check.

    Book title backwards (who's gonna notice??) and down in the corner so as not cover my boobies - check.

    Back-up plan in case it all blows up in my face and ppl figure out I really just wanted to show off my boobies...again..."Zomg! Can't I wear my relaxing pajamas without being called a slut whine whine!" - check.

    Totally premeditated "look at my boobies!!!" staged "candid" photo - check.

    Yep. Cleavage McNasty strikes again.

  9. "OK, at least I didn't dupe the media into thinking I flew away in a homemade balloon :-)"

    Because no one would believe that the balloon - any balloon would lift your fat carcass and ego off the ground.

  10. Anon @ THU OCT 15, 09:56:00 PM

    Nailed it all to a tee.

  11. Oh, no! She posted another column last night. I wondered why she was so quiet yesterday. Obviously pounding the keys to produce her opus: Don't Call Me A Slut.

    Got to love it. She's all apologetic and then it starts to blow over and then the slut cries victim -- again!

  12. Once again, I find that mom was right - money CAN'T buy class! Quite the gracious "lady," Ms. McCain.

  13. Stacy - you've hit the big time now, getting your blog a quick flash on CNN. I notice, though, that they were careful to blur the Pam Anderson ad, but they left the f-bomb on the Twitter screen shot completely legible.

  14. I don't understand why the f*ck anyone cares about Meghan McCain's cleavage and profanity. Is that really news? I'm just as offended by the ad on the left side of the screen for that c*nt Sarah Palin's book.

  15. Gee. A boob's shown up to troll on a Meeeghan thread. What are the odds?